The Team

Nancy Lamb is a health coach, writer, food and nature photographer, and the creator of the BeWellBistro – a place where people come to learn how to be healthy and happy. She’s also the business manager, marketer, and director of RamblinLamb.

Nancy always found herself trying to balance her passion for outdoor recreation with business — and would bounce around between analytical roles in corporations to volunteer roles in recreation — always feeling there had to be a better way to be happy and make money. After doing that dance for too long, it all fell together. She’d devoted her entire adult life to healthy active being while inadvertently pioneering a career mentoring others into establishing a healthy and vibrant life.  Trained in the basics of culinary arts and restaurant management, Nancy enjoys fine cuisine as much as NW culinary simplicity.  (Maybe she’s just obsessed with self-care and had too many jobs that required extensive stress management techniques to counter the daily grind)

Richard is the technical genius who works at being alive, happy, and healthy when he can. A serious inflammatory disorder took the wind out of his sails and he no longer works actively. But when he can, he’s the tech guru behind this website, loves great food, enjoys assisting in creative endeavors. While he’s busy managing his day to day exertion management challenges, he still loves to eat, to cook, to come up with creative menus.  And when he can, he picks up the camera and does a bit of photography too. Rick’s chronic illness didn’t completely sideline him until he got a diagnosis — and that took 8 + years.    So he’d do too much, deal with post exertion malaise, and then recover and go do it again. And even though the good docs at the Mayo said there is no cure and no treatment, Rick keeps fighting on.

We worked hard, played hard, and fully embraced a fun, active, outdoor lifestyle. As Ramblin Lamb Photography, we once roamed the West Coast seeking ways to capture the beauty of nature. We’d hike around Mt. Rainier, or in the Wenatchee National Forest, lugging 35 pounds of photo gear and the 10 essentials to capture the beauty of our area. We’d kayak for miles along the coastal waters, bang through the dirt on our mountain bikes, or cover 40 + miles on a road bike just for fun. But something was changing and it wasn’t age related. We were fit, healthy, and energized.  Now we know that chronic illness can truly destroy all that one stands for.

We work hard to share what we’ve learned, how we survive. Thus began the hard core quest to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. This is key to the coaching we offer. Not one body is alike, and every body has its internal messaging system. It’s not just how to eat for endurance, weight loss, or beat inflammation. There is so much more!

We are Northwest Natives who loved to help others be there best.

Nancy’s lifelong passion for healthy living began as she left behind a toxic lifestyle and embraced all things healthy way back in high school. It began as she dedicated herself to doing everything possible to ensure she could be healthy and active for as long as she lived. It was a declaration that she was taking control of that which she could. At 17, that’s a bold statement. At 60, it’s proven to be the reason she lives to inspire those young and old today. While her BA in Hospitality included Food Sciences, Nutrition, and Culinary arts, Nancy took it to the next step when she completed the Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s Integrative Health Coaching programs.

After 18 month’s of intensive studies in Health and Nutrition through the landmark Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Nancy set off to change the world, bite by bite. As a writer and web content creator, her work began by writing and designing websites for her self and her fellow coaches, local trainers, and non-profit events.

Between the two, they are able to provide all kinds of ideas, insight, and information related to a healthier lifestyle for you.