Affirmations: The Power of Your Thoughts

2014 Affirmations

What do YOU say when YOU talk to yourself?  
Are you filled with reasons and justifications? Are you beating your head against the wall trying to force change? I propose you find a gentler, softer way to create lasting inner change. I propose that inner change will ignite the outer changes you so want to manifest. Yeah, I know. That term is so woo woo weird. So let’s try it this way. If you are saying you want this or that, but then the results are always diametrically opposite of what you say you want .

You need to look at your self talk. REALLY LOOK

Always attracting the same kind of  experience? Bad job? Bad guy? No Guy? Money woes?  I propose that until you own what you want, fully embrace it — you’ll never get it. Well,. Maybe you will, but you’ll lose it just as fast. It can go like this: OMG — I’m so excited about this new job. Oh crap — they just laid me off.  I know that one too well. Once when out of work, I sat in a workshop and the presenter said this: “Whatever reason is on the surface for your job loss, I am here to tell you differently. You wanted to be free of that job”  Yeah, he nailed it. Most of us deep down had wanted a change. And if we didn’t find a replacement job fast enough, the wanting to be gone became bigger than the wanting a different job. EVERY TIME – we got what we focused on. 

The trouble is your average college educated person is never taught about mind management. We aren’t taught how to direct our thoughts. We might be told not to think a certain way, but we aren’t taught how to deal with big feelings that are usually followed by stinking thinking.  When I was young and struggling, I was taught about affirmations in a self help type class called Context Trainings.  In this program, we were taught to change our beliefs. We were taught how to live in the present, release the past, and find ways to be our best self.  

So I wrote all these cute little affirmative statements and posted them all over my one bedroom apartment. I had no idea how to direct my imagination or my thinking. At the time, it was just words that made me feel better, more positive, more hopeful.  What I know today, 30 years later, is there is a science to how we direct our minds. It’s not just woo woo bs stuff. It’s real. 

Back then, I also learned a difficult lesson.  I learned the importance of only sharing your self improvement plans with those that support you emotionally. My boyfriend mocked me. Then he mockingly told my Dad, who further mocked me. I simply wanted to feel better and change the way I received the world. I wanted empowerment. And what better way than to start within me. Change me and I can change the world as I experience it. 

My Dad had a big influence on me. I stopped. I tore up all my cute little notes. I went dark.  I stopped. After that, I rarely shared my goals or dreams with anyone. I kept it all within — hidden. 

Fast forward 30 years, and here I am creating affirmation cards.  I am part of an international community of leaders – thought leaders, health leaders, people who are changing the way we think and the way we live. I’m honored to be here, amidst such amazing people from all walks of life. 

And today, as I learn more about the Theta Mind, I know that my path includes this work to help empower others to be their best true self. 

So let’s begin anew. Now.