Anti-Inflammation Eating

Anti-Inflammation Eating

Lower Your Risk – Lower your inflammation

Anti-Inflammation Eating

It’s a lifestyle. It’s a way of eating. It’s a way of living life like it counts.
Anti-Inflammation Eating is the new way to help your body heal.

First a bit of background on the newest phase: Anti-Inflammation Eating is about eating to lower your risk of serious disease that used to be considered issues of aging. Not anymore. Too many are seeing signs of diabetes, heart disease, and even signs of arthritis earlier than ever before.

I’m a bit of a pioneer. Starting in the 70’s, eating healthfully and living actively was my thing. My reason for being was to live life well.  I’d come through the drug thing. I’d walked away from a close circle of friends to save my life. That meant significant change.  Out with drinking and drugging my life away, and on with making a difference. Answering the call to awareness, to mindfulness, to living life as if it mattered. Anti-Inflammation Eating wasn’t even a consideration. Back then inflammation meant a sprained ankle. Take ibuprofen. But now? Now We know better. We know that trying to cure systemic inflammation with ibuprofen will not give long term results before creating other problems.

This has been a windy road for me — being aware that the only thing I could really control in my life was my choices — I chose to do what I could to be healthy. In some ways, it was about wanting a vibrancy. But in other ways, it was because I didn’t want to be a burden on my loved ones.  Not if I could help it.

Out with red meat.
Out with empty calories – as Mom used to call junk food.
Out with eating for comfort and in with eating for fuel and nutrition.

That’s all old news. Everyone alive has heard it. Cut down on the red meats, white foods, and sugar. Eating a balanced diet has changed to eating a nutrient dense diet. Eating fewer calories than you burn is old news. Now we are told to eat coconut oil and olive oil.  It’s enough to make a grown girl cry.

But here’s the dealio — we can all continue to learn as we grow into the people we want to be. Please folks, please don’t assume that simply changing your diet means you can suddenly stop prescriptions or stop listening to a doctor. They mean well. Changing your diet can save your life, but don’t assume you can blow off the doctor’s instructions. Not at first.  It will take time.

Eating is part science and part art. Creating new menus is fun. Creating menus with friends and family? That’s a bonus.
Here’s a base for menu planning. sampleMealPlan

When 4 of us are told eat an Anti-Inflammation Diet for FOUR DIFFERENT REASONS, there’s something going on. When I was in nutrition school, we talked about alkaline diets more than inflammation. We talked about the Mediterranean and the Asian diets. And we talked about eating to cure what ails you.

Yes – there is something going on around here. It’s knowledge. It’s empowerment. When we can do some simple things to lower our risk, we mitigate what we can and thus have some sense of empowerment. We start to feel better on many levels. And then we take even more action. Everyone can benefit. Everyone!

I was told AI diet to reduce hip inflammation.
He was told AI diet to better deal with CFS / ME.
She was told AI diet to best deal  with cancer and diabetes.
She was told AI diet to deal with cancer, radiation, and lymph node removal.

In all, the AI diet helps the body by reducing inflammation. Not the kind of inflammation you get with a broken or sprained ankle, but the insidious internal inflammation that leads to heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and other issues once considered just a ‘part of aging’.

The truth is that eating certain foods is known to lower the risk of all of those diseases.  Following my practice of doing all that i possibly can to support me, eating this way is a huge part of it.

Why? Well, because I care. Don’t you care?

For starters, you have to look at your normal shopping habits. Figure out what you replace with what. No more red meat? Ok – what’s for protein? No more sugar? What’s for that sweet tooth?

Anti-Inflammation Eating
This site shows a great visual:

And if what you really want is know-how on how to shop to support your new lifestyle, I’ve got a great handout for you.

AI ShoppingTips

And here’s how to maximize the effect of Tumeric (Curcumin)

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