BOOM Wellness: Baby Boomers Aging Vibrantly

This page is for you if:

You are a Baby Boomer

You grew up in the late 60’s or 70’s and healthy aging is on your mind

You want to feel great – or just stop aching

You want to combat the issues of aging with a healthy energy

You are exploring how to preserve your health so your retirement years are fun, active, and happy.

You are concerned about the rising cost of medical care, medical insurance — especially if you aren’t getting results.

You know you can live better if you’d just start taking care of yourself — but don’t know who to believe. The doctors say one thing, the naturopaths say another, and no one seems to have the answer. 


This page is for you if you want to be a better you. This page is for you if you or your loved one suffers from many of the issues of getting older: 



Skin Issues


Digestive Distress: Gas, bloating, stool issues, or even the higher level issues such as IBS, diverticulitis or gastroenteritis. 


Emotional Eating