BWB Home Cooking Essentials

BWB Home Cooking Essentials

BWB’s Cooking Essentials give you an idea of how to make it all work. Cooking essentials come from my training in Culinary Arts, Hospitality, and just being in the kitchen.  There’s a reason my cooking skills deteriorated after I moved out on my own and a better reason why my cooking improved significantly after I got married.  No — not to please the man — but because we invested in the right tools, watched great cooking shows, read recipe books, and got creative.  

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Cooking Essentials for the Home Cook



The key to good cooking is to have what you need at hand. 

The key to good food is to use the freshest, most flavorful foods. 
The key to enjoying your meal is to share it with a good friend or loved one. 

It’s fun to read the recipe books – especially when they are chalk full of great instructions.  Invest in some of the basics like Julia Child’s work, or the Culinary Institutes texts.  Read a variety — for example even if you don’t think you like soup, read the recipes and come to understand the basics of how flavors combine well.  

Learn about herbs and spices. What works for what.