BWB Movement Essentials

BWB Movement Essentials

BWB Movement Essentials takes you beyond a workout and into a dance with your body.

BWB Movement Essentials lead you to love your body by moving it as it allows. Dancing, an ancient cultural practice, is loved by many because they feel a rhythm. You really can’t dance without smiling. Even on Grey’s Anatomy, the ABC long-running hit show, they Dance It Out.  In yoga, we move but we don’t dance. Something happens when we are young — we love to dance. As we age, we somehow lose that and it’s time to get it back. 

Even if you hate to dance you will learn to love moving again. It’s really about moving in specific ways that trigger your brain to release happy zones. I can’t say it’s hormones any more than I can say it’s a happy chemical. What I can say is that certain movements, certain eye patterns, certain specific means of sitting, standing or moving are essential to tricking your body into healthy ways.  

With that – our Movement Essentials are more about building a foundation on which everything else comes together. Remember how Mom used to nag you to sit up straight? Pull your shoulders back and lift your chest? Turns out there is a physiological reaction to just sitting up straight, unrounding your back, and taking your head back so it isn’t rounding over your phone all day.  

Our Movement Essentials combine a variety of Playful, Portable, and Powerful movement theories.  

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BWB’s Movement Essentials Use the Core Practice Ideas to keep you moving