BWB Shopping Essentials

Shopping Essentials
The BWB Shopping Essentials are what make you the master of your kitchen.  

No more midnight runs to the grocers. You’ll have it all at hand and can whip out some fantastic gourmet meals without thinking much about it. Those roasted tomatoes sure come in handy if you want a simple tomato soup, right?  

This is the most basic shopping list and can be adapted easily to most of the popular diet programs. Whether you are Paleo, BALI, Gluten Free, Grain Free, Vegan, or whatever, this list gives you the base foundation for healthy eating. There is so much more…but starting is the only way.

To Download a PDF of the Be Well Bistro Shopping Essentials

BeWellBistro Essential Shopping List

BeWellBistro Essential Shopping List

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We hear it all the time: I don’t have anything to cook so let’s order a pizza. 

Ok – all pizza isn’t made equally. But still — when I want a real meal – a satisfying meal, I need to make it myself.  I can throw a gorgeous chicken salad together in no time. I can make a Quinoa salad that everyone loves in half the time it takes to get the pizza delivered.  Got a lot of leftovers?  Instead of just reheating, why not repurpose. 

With a well-stocked pantry, you can do far more than Mom ever did.  

One of our secrets is we buy our spices from the same vendors our local 4 – 5 star chefs buy theirs. If Tom Douglas buys from World Spice Merchants, it’s got to be good right?  Living near the Pacific Ocean, and a few miles from the infamous Pike Place Market, we have year round fresh goodness. It makes a difference. World Spice is Seattle’s Premier Spice Merchant.  Our cupboards smell delightful, our foods taste fresher, and friends always ask how come it tastes so much different.  

Smell your spice jars. Do you need to buy fresh? Probably.