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Karma and the Morning Muse: Thinking about how your behavior affects your health

Karma and the Morning muse:
Karma comes around like the morning — it always comes. I write from a perspective of 10 years of being here, helping, managing, and somehow surviving against all odds. This is not about the political shitstorm. This is not about the ACA or it’s imminent repeal. This is about human nature. This is about karma. Good or Bad, the wise man said Instant Karma gonna get ya. I think he is right. 

How you treat people is up to you. In my opinion, it’s essential to our well-being. Why? Because when we treat other humans poorly, it affects us personally. When we treat others with vindictive resentment, it becomes a toxin in our system. The way we treat others has a way of coming back to us. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow, but it comes back.  It always comes back.

instant karma gonna get you

What you give, ultimately it comes back to get you.

Would you tell someone that has had a stroke to just ignore it and live normally?
Would you tell someone who lost a limb that they should grow a new one?
Do you tell a cancer patient that they just need to be more active and get out more?
Would you try to convince someone with dementia that they can and should do everything they did before, push harder, and work harder?
Would you tell your Mom, Your brother, Your neighbor that they aren’t really sick even though you can see they are suffering?
If a friends child has a difficult and chronic illness or something severe, do you offer compassion or tell them how they must parent?
Would you insist that a complicated disease isn’t real? Would you insist that your lay medical assumptions are more valid that the medical experts across the globe who don’t understand the illness? Do you demand that your person follows your lay advice? And if they don’t you just give up on them and bail?

Karma comes around. Be a jerk and you get treated like a jerk. Be kind, kindness comes back.

Would you ever say things to their only advocate that indicate you think they are enabling and should just stop? Would you tell them that the person afflicted doesn’t deserve your help?
What would you feel if you were the one receiving these kinds of judgment?
How would you respond? No, really. How would you deal with this? It’s the reason those who become ill tend to isolate. It’s the reason families are torn apart and caregivers start to avoid being with friends. It’s not about being needed 24 / 7 — often it’s a matter of being in solitude is more nurturing than being with judgmentals who can’t find their heart.
I am deeply grateful to our friends who have stayed with us through this nightmare. Erica, David, Jerry, Sean, and Kristi, in particular, have been amazing. They know! They get it.  Their friendship is such a gift. Such a treasure to not have to explain repeatedly and then feel like they just don’t get it.
I’ve lived with my beloved for many years and through many things. He was a tough guy who overcame many pain points. He was a hard worker and hard driving hiker. Now, it takes far to long to explain to others repeatedly what his illness is and why it is the way it is. It’s not dementia, but it’s like it. It’s not MS, but it’s like it. He does not need a nurse or a caregiver. He needs help and he needs a manager. And companionship from people other than his wife. 
I guess what I don’t understand is the calloused attitude so many have – knowing full well that if it happened to them, their choices would be as difficult as mine. I’ve literally had people tell me that if he didn’t get better, couldn’t get back to normal, that I should leave him. Yes, they have said exactly that and worse. 
I’m just saying: What is wrong with people? 
 I’ve heard too many calloused, insensitive comments over the past 10 years. Would people start treating others with more love and light if they ate right? If they stopped buying guns and eating meat from murdered animals, would they become softer hearted? Would they be more generous to the planet, the forests, the waterways if they ate more fresh foods that grow from the ground or swam in the sea?



People have unfriended me because I speak my mind articulately and eloquently. People have bragged about feeding the homeless or giving to their church while doing nothing to help those they are staring at. Maybe they need that separation. It’s like they get kudos for feeding strangers, but it scares them to help a friend or a relative. People who have plenty are expecting freebies while frowning on those who can’t afford whatever.
Yesterday I was called a very nasty, nasty woman, told I was a liberal twit, and later called a lesbian. Huh? I thought about it. I wrote back: Fuck Yeah, I am. I’m a NASTY WOMAN and I own it. LOL What these people seem to think is that compassion and consideration for others is a sin. I’ll never understand that. 
I’m not going to let this stranger bother me. It is truly all about taking care of myself, fighting when it’s right, standing up and standing my ground. With joy in my heart, I resist the haters.
I don’t care who you voted for. I don’t care that you have a different religion. I don’t care if you go to church and I don’t care if you don’t. If you are a human being, I expect you to act like you have a heart even if you lost it somewhere. 

Change takes time – call today for a personalized program that’s all about you

Change takes time!
So you want to lose that weight? And you want to regain your strength? Or get flexible? Or maybe you are just tired of hurting all the time, aching, feeling stuffed? Maybe you just want to feel lighter and enjoy moving. Or you want to start looking great again.

Look: It took you a while to get where you are. So stop expecting overnight change.  Stop thinking you can lose 20 pounds a day! Stop torturing yourself with crazy expectations that just because you went off sugar for a week you will turn it all around. And please, stop beating yourself up because on day 8 you succumbed to the call of a cookie.

My new hair stylist tells me her hubby goes to a weight loss program. It’s expensive she says, but for $3000 he gets help losing weight, learning how to cook, learning how to live healthfully. While he is happily preparing whole clean foods, she can’t have her sweet treats in the house. She can’t even eat with him.

Guess what?
With the BeWellBistro plan, you get to make change fun! You get to have fun, lose weight and feel great as you make change matter.

breakfast isn’t boring anymore

You don’t need to spend $3000 for 10 months of food talks. You don’t do weekly meetings weighing in and scrutinizing your daily menu. If you buy packaged foods, it won’t be forced on you as the only way to do this. I might recommend some things, like my Univera Products or my favorite Bone Broth. but I’m just as happy sharing amazing recipes and teaching you to cook like a chef.  No boxed meals, baby.

All you need to do is decide right now that you really want to feel better. Not just lighter, but vibrant, happy, and positive. Yes, I can teach you to manage your moods, change your attitudes, and elevate your happiness. If that’s sounding good, just call me.

Change takes time. Diets don’t work. Spend more or your money on good food and education. Spend less on gimmicks and get rich quick schemes. You don’t need gimmicks — you need to find your true pathway to health. Retraining your brain to like healthy foods is only part of the solution. You don’t have to do it alone and you don’t need to blow the vacation budget either.

As your Integrative Health Coach, my goal is to help you recreate yourself for lasting health and high vibrational living. It’s not just food. It’s a balance. And it’s essentially the same concept that they taught at the Mayo’s Integrative Wellness consultation. Yep — it’s not even rocket science. But it takes time and commitment. The best way is to make one change at a time – but be committed to it 100%.  And that’s where my personalized coaching comes to be your most valued trick in the book.

Why do you need a health mentor? Your doctors will tell you what you need to do. Your spouse might just tell to lose weight. Your buddies will razz you until you succumb and drink that ‘one more’ beer or indulge in that cheesecake.  While they are doing their ‘job’, what you really need is that extra conscience. That voice in your head isn’t enough sometimes — you need a friend you can count on. That friend is your bridge to help you cross over to the healthy side of life.

Like the first little bloom — fighting our way through the cold and dark ..

Seriously, it’s become a big thing in our daily lives to have mentors for everything. When I grew up, it was ‘figure it out kid’, not here let me guide you.
With me on your team, you get that guiding spark that leads you down your path. What’s different about a health mentor?  We work on your personal life circle, spoke by spoke. We craft out a new you, together. You talk. I ask leading questions. We investigate, explore, and move you forward. And when the shit hits the fan, as it always does, I’m right there to get you back on track.

I invite you to change. I invite you to indulge in an individualized program based on YOU. From my school, we call it BioIndividuality — every human being is slightly different. No one program works for everyone.  So — Call today to start on yours!  It’s all about you.  425-246-8685

That’s why I’m still alive, folks. There are many points when it could have been a different ending.

My turning points:
I’ve been there. I’ve been heavy at 149 and I’ve been 98 pounds skinny. I grew up getting chastised for gaining even 3 pounds.  I’ve done lot’s of drugs and I’ve smoked 2 packs a day. And I’ve been an outdoor enthusiast who loves to move all my life.  I would run 8 miles and then light up. I’d drink at night and get up early to sweat it out. I’ve lost jobs, lost loves, lost friends and family… I’ve had good years, I’ve had horrible decades. Navigating life is about knowing yourself and having a strategy for long lasting health.

It wasn’t until I realized how much I can help you that I started pulling it together. My path started making sense. See – my life has far too many twists and turns to make into a pretty story. I had much pain to hide from and all the compulsive behavior was about a lifelong battle with self-esteem issues.  We all do weird stuff as we learn to love ourselves. And then it happens.

The minute we start to believe we are more important, have more value, have more worth — and that there is a reason we are who we are — from that moment, life starts changing. Sure we must have something to move forward to — but when one is dedicated, magic happens.

There are many twists and turns.  Extreme stress requires extreme self-care. Maybe just daily living requires constant extreme self-care.

Change comes by accepting what is

Inviting you to change

I haven’t always been a health nut. Even when I started out, I wasn’t perfect.
At 18, I made a choice… I didn’t want to wait until retirement to be healthy. I gave up bad habits. I chose to eat good foods and limit junk. I built an exercise program from scratch without the help of a trainer or even a gym. I changed what, when, and how I ate. And for years, I still lit up a cigarette far too many times a day.

Then someone died. Then another and another. Within 3 years, 7 people close to me died, 6 from cancer. Three of these dear ones were under 50!!~!
Precious loved ones were dying around me and I kept smoking…until Jerry S. had a return of cancer. That was it. I’ll never forget. I was at his memorial, and I just decided. That was a rough year. But losing Jerry turned a key.
It wasn’t easy to change at that age. It never is… but I really didn’t remember a time in my adult life without a cigarette handy. That was over 25 years of cigarettes as a fake and dangerous friend.

Yes, You CAN! If I can, you can! And I will teach you all my tricks!

Do you really want to stop smoking? Are you ready?

Do you really want to lose weight – or do you want to accomplish some other health goal?

I realize now that what I’d done was create the cornerstone of my practice by quitting smoking. There is much internal work to do to get you from thinking you are ready to really being ready. And if you give me 45 days, you can kick start your new life. And of course, you can sign on for ongoing coaching. But let’s get this show moving forward first. What I can teach you in 45 days can become your cornerstone to a new life.

It’s the same thing with any bad habit. In particular, the food problem.  You’ve got to get to the root reason that you continue to eat what you know you shouldn’t and find the pay off. There is always one – and in our work together, you learn all about hidden hook. for continuing on the road you follow before you will cross over a bridge to happier, healthier living. I’ve watched a man drop 60 pounds, be so thrilled and happy. I’ve witnessed a family lose 110 pounds. And another woman went from 350 to 120 and is a monster at cross fit. If they can, you can shed some excess weight. Why WAIT?

We work together through your ultimate transition and beyond. We keep you on track for a lifetime of lasting change.  And the truth is, I am your guide but YOU are the reason you are doing this. Because YOU are worth it. No quick fix, and no sudden change — but a lifetime of living well.

There are many roads to cross. Some of those roads have locked gates keeping you stuck. The key is within your reach.  That plan won’t be to eat clean 100% — that’s a set up for failure.

Listen to me: I tried that. I went overboard, actually. I was 25 and recovering from a lost job. I found a new one, but I felt amiss. As I mastered my work, I obsessed about every calorie. And not just what I ate. I obsessed about what I burned. Nothing entered my mouth that was not counted. I could tell you exactly how many calories it took to burn off everything I ate. Yeah, I looked great for a while. Then I was down to 98 pounds, I wore a size 0, my skin was taught, I looked like I was starving … and I still counted calories.  Only my uncle had the grace to mention it. No one should do that! Ever!

Once again, I made a new commitment. Reasonable was not obsessive. It was ok to not be a skinny me. I wanted to feel great and have fun, live life fully, and embrace the authentic me. Starvation was not on that menu.

You see many who just keep doing the same thing until literally scared to death. Something major happens. For me, I’ve had many awakenings over my lifetime. True Health begins with a desire to be your best. To get there, you have to learn to love yourself.

For most of my clients, it’s about retraining the brain. That’s why I integrate several modalities to help you arm yourself with all that you need.
You get support. You get knowledge. You get tools. And you get to learn to relax and reprogram your thinking.

These are things I help people work through. In our private coaching, what you get is a chance to really learn about you. I’ve worked with clients using a variety of tools: Visualization, Writing, Meditation, Light Trance (NLP) and rock solid dietary advice coming from studies in hundreds of dietary theory. I use my education in nutrition, adult learning, yoga, recreation, and writing to help you craft your personalized life plan for healthy living.

Don’t pay those guys with the cute logo and fun advertising. Just because the radio announcer is screaming about how he lost weight, it doesn’t mean it’s a plan for YOU in your life. How many other times did that same radio head scream about other weight loss programs? They sell you. You buy. You lose 10 – 20 – 30 pounds, and then you get off the path, fall into old ways, and wonder why you paid them. But you also blame yourself.

Let’s just stop this nonsense.

Call me! I’ll help.
call today for a personalized program that’s all about you

Oh — here’s more on my health coaching website too: RamblinLambWellness – Nancy’s Coaching Programs

Disclaimer: Nothing is free. If only I had trees of money. But hey, my rates are determined based on quality education, knowledge, professional resources, and a lifetime of work. Not gonna say it’s free, but it’s your life and YOU are worth it.

New Super Food: Marijuana heals – Find out who is really behind blocking the plant use

Marijuana! If it’s so good why is it so bad?

New Super Food! Ok, it’s not new at all. And it’s not really a food. Marijuana – Cannabis – a plant that has far ranging benefits. My OB/Gyn mentioned cannabis when I asked about pain management. It’s no joke. It’s not just an excuse to get wasted. There are true medicinal and healthy lifestyle benefits from the mighty green. It’s a super plant.  Cannabis heals and helps people all over the world.

The Magic is in the Flower. It gives flower power a new meaning.

Marijuana – or Cannabis – does a lot of good. It helps a wide variety of people with a wide variety of ailments. It can be recreational or it can be medicinal.  Or Both. Marijuana! It’s time to break down the stigma and learn some truths. And coming from me, a long time health fanatic, it’s almost a contradiction – except that it’s not. Once I learned the truth, studied the history, studied the medicinal uses, it all became clear. It’s a plant. The real value comes when you use it with the right intention.

THE NEW SUPER FOOD!  Marijuana – it does more good than bad. When used with the right intention, it’s becoming the common choice for medical solutions too complicated for medical doctors to understand.

PTSD, Chronic Pain, Inflammation, Arthritis, Nausea, Skin issues, MS, and a bunch of other things are helped with no side effects. Doctors don’t seem to want to know. Less damage than wine, less toxic than most pills, double the anti-inflammatory effect than hydrocortisone with NONE of the side effects, sleep aid, energy, creative stimulus… It’s genius!

marijuana - it's a super plant

Medical Marijuana – A Natural Solution


And yet – the real opposition has nothing to do with abuse or addictions. Looks like it has everything to do with profit margins and fear of losing control – not by the people but by the corporate systems. It’s a threat to a major profit machine.

Weird. When one asks themselves why a doctor would ignore this simple, effective, non-toxic solution, or why the DEA refuses to change the schedule to make it non-criminal, there has to be a profit motive. It can’t be anything else. It’s not weird. It’s either misunderstood or it’s about money. Even when I completed the Anti-Inflammation and Oncology classes at Arizona State, nothing was mentioned about medicinal weed — AND THEY ARE THE FRONTRUNNERS on inflammation.
My recent studies indicate that pot has double the anti-inflammation effect than hydrocortisone.  It helps with PTSD, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, MS, CFS, Arthritis Pain, Epilepsy, Phantom Pain, and some say it can help with Alzheimers….   And NO side effects.

I’d talked with my OB/GYN. I went in for an annual visit. I asked her about pain management because this hip thing is destroying my ability to manage the rest of my life. We talked at length. She’s sold on the benefits, but can’t prescribe? What? Wait – it’s legal. I’ll just go to the store. When Washington State forced the Medical MJ shops to close, we lost valuable resources here. It’s really frustrating. And Fun because I’m learning. There is so much more to this than I’d ever imagined.

This isn’t the same weed I knew as a kid. It’s a sophisticated system of growing, and sophisticated delivery. Plus – I don’t want to get high. Not really. I made a commitment decades ago.

But now I read about the true reasons this plant became a controlled substance.

Choose Healthy: What do you want?


Choose healthy! What do you Want? How Can I help you get there? What do you need to get you to where you want to be?

What do you really want? You can’t find contentment if you don’t know what you are looking for.  Choose healthy: it’s always a choice. But what do you want? What do you really, really want? Is it less weight, more energy, deal with pain, counter fatigue? I can best help you if I truly know your needs. Not your wants. Not even your goals. What is it you need to do what it takes to get what you want?

Nancy here. We started this page as a hangout. A place to gather. I’d love some guest bloggers.  I’d love to exchange stories and see what a common focus is. I know what’s important to me. But what about you? What do you need to Choose Healthy? What is it that would elevate your choices from a kinda half-assed healthy to all they time Choose Healthy as a way of living?

Are you looking for ways to fight illness?
Ways to deal with arthritis?
Do you want meal plans, menu ideas?
Do you want budget focused healthy options?
Look- I’m not a rich chick with oodles of surplus money. If I can live healthy on any kind of budget, I can sure teach you my methods.
If it’s not knowing how to shop – I can help there too.
Some clients really just want validation, happiness, and self-love. They need to know that that ooey-gooey chocolate cake doesn’t mean death to their diet! And it doesn’t.
I don’t know — what do you really want.

How deep do we go here?   Do we want to talk recipes like our Mom’s used to do? My Mom got some of her best recipes by sitting around a table talking with her friends. They shared. They exchanged recipes. They talked about the latest tips and tricks. And then Mom made her own adaptation. So like my morning mashups, Mom would take a recipe, look in the fridge, and made something similar out of what she had.

Note: (Today’s mashup was spinach, cauliflower, mushrooms, and a tomato sauteed in olive oil with brewers yeast, garlic, salt, pepper and olive oil — then added ONE egg and scrambled it, put a little parmesan on top with some black sesame seeds. Tasty! )

Choosing healthy foods and getting exercise isn’t that tough. Stay out of the center aisle, buy fresh, eat clean, and get moving… those thoughts are pretty obvious.  So what is it that YOU want to keep you focused on doing what you already know you want to do?

What do you want from me, your healthy life coach?

How do you want it?  E-Book? Webinar? Video?  What’s the main delivery?  Or — do you want to talk live-time with me?

Do you want a guide for surviving the junk food aisles? Tips for giving up unwanted habits? A simple infographic card that keeps you on task?

Tell me what you want.  Really.  I want to know. If I can help you to do what I’ve done, I want to do it.

I want to create a platform to meet your needs.

The New Mediterranean Diet

New Mediterranean Diet? It’s not that new, but there’s new information for us.

Isn’t it the same as the old ways or Asian diet? The New Mediterranean diet is really the same as it’s always been — only renamed several times. We’ve got a lot of pyramid happy graphic designers showing what to eat, how to eat, what to eliminate. The truth?  It’s pretty simple. The more the names change, the less the diet changes.

Mediterranean Anti-Inflammation Diet

Lower Your Risk – Lower your inflammation

When we went to the Mayo Clinic, we were taught in depth about the New Mediterranean Diet. It wasn’t so much eat like the Italians do. It is all about eating fresh produce, whole grains, more wild caught pacific fish, and … really — the only new twists were the new knowledge about Asian Mushrooms, Green Tea, Science based evidence on the virtues of Extra Virgin Olive Oil….

Try as I might, I can’t find that much NEW in changing the Meditteranean Diet to the Anti-Inflammation diet with the exception of specific inflammation-fighting herbs, green teas, and more olive oil.  Your Heart won’t care what you call the feeding plan any more than your aching hip will care. The bottom line is the results.

Why all the new names for old ways?

It’s part marketing, part psychology, part people don’t want to change so we keep seeking new ways to inspire this ever important change in lifestyle. If you look at most diets for improving health conditions, they have so many commonalities, it gets boring.  When I graduated from Nutrition School, there were not 2 but 5 new feeding guides or charts. There were 3 pyramids, and 2 eating plates, plus a Circle.

Then the fanatics started fighting with those who believed that moderation and eating whole foods is best. People will argue all the time. Not too long ago, coconut was bad. Now it’s so good there is a whole new industry. While many claim coconut oil does wonders, only a few doctors say sure, but eat the WHOLE coconut. I’ve heard many health entrepreneurs tout the virtues of 3 tablespoons of pure coconut oil a day – but I’ve not heard that from a single medical doctor. And most doctors may study the science, but they rarely have advice on how to follow a food plan. Don’t the docs just follow what the nutrition trends are anyway?  No one knows the long term effects. Not really. It’s too crazy.

Bottom line: There are several ways to go about reaching your health improvement targets.

  1. Eat to lower your inflammation
  2. Eat Local – food grown nearest you, preferably organic
  3. Eat Asian foods – Asian mushrooms are known for lowering inflammation
  4. Eat Mediterranean style – lots of fish, vegetables, and olive oil
  5. Eat Fresh and if you can’t eat fresh frozen whole food is better than canned or boxed
  6. Stay away from pre prepared, prepackaged, mass merchandised foods. Read the labels. If you can’t pronounce it, it’s an additive that your body won’t love.

Honestly?  You can break it all down to this simplistic view: The New Mediterranean Diet is closely related to the Asian Diet and sometimes called the Mediterranean / Asian Diet. Both serve well to lower inflammation in the body, but neither are completely fool proof. While most people will lose weight and lower blood pressure and cholesterol while following this plan, it is totally designed to lower inflammation.

Kid Friendly AI Diet

Kid Friendly Mediterranean Anti-Inflammation Diet










DRINK 3 – 4 cups of GREEN TEA daily




There are 2 key elements to all dietary plans often unmentioned. It’s built within the Mediterranean Diet. It’s built into the Anti-Inflammation diet. It’s part and parcel of every diet on the planet. We are human beings, not robots. While many grew up playing, somehow we failed to keep active. It’s as if we reached a certain age and were expected to stay seated, indoors, in an office.  Oh, the American Dream:  Get old, stop moving, and make money.  Many wrongly believed that healthy habits were a waste of precious time – they figured they could always lose the added weight once they retired, but they didn’t get that the risk of life altering disease was so close at hand.

Good news, guys: There is always hope. There is always a benefit from starting right now to change your lifestyle.
You have to want it.  And starting with the most basic of all tips, you can get your health back.  But you have to want it. 

It is like we should all know, but then some need constant reminders:
1) STAY ACTIVE – protect your muscles and joints — and keep those bones strong. If you don’t use it, you lose it. That doesn’t mean work out like you plan to run the next Boston (or Seattle) Marathon. It means keep using what you’ve got.  Rest is fine, but sedentary living leads to more issues. MOVE.


2) GET OUTSIDE – the most natural source of Vitamin D is the sun. The most natural way to perk yourself up in body, mind and spirit is to get a daily dose of at least 15 minutes a day of natural and UNFILTERED sunlight. It is not good enough to drive your car. It is not good enough to sit in a window. If you are sick or unable, that’s fine. But if you are not — get outside.  It’s good for all of you.


Harvard’s Eating Plate






Have some green tea and ponder what you really want.

Know Thy Foods

Know Thy Foods

Know thy Fats
Learn What’s in It

What is really in that delish avocado and bacon recipe you just saw on your Facebook page? When you know thy foods, you gain power and control. When you let others tell you something is healthy and you do no research, you give your power away. Simple: Know thy foods.
While you salivate over an imagined tasty delight, you might want to slow down and think a little. Know what you put in your awesome body. The more you give to you, the better you get.

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Chicken in Milk – a Jamie Oliver sensation

Chicken in Milk – who would do such a thing?

I never thought chicken would go with milk.

Chicken Roasted In Milk and Lemon Zest

Chicken in Milk

Chicken in Milk – an odd recipe or so I thought. When I first heard about chicken in milk, I couldn’t imagine it tasting good. What a strange idea, I thought.  My husband was so excited about it. I’m lactose intolerant. I don’t like milk. It sounded nuts to me.  He begged, I caved, and we ended up enjoying a fabulously tasty chicken dinner.

Chicken in Milk is that dish that you can wow friends and family with. You can create several variations — vary the milk, the lemon, the seasonings.. but the best I’ve done yet was made with farm fresh, whole fat, organic buttermilk. I happened to have buttermilk. I bought it for a different holiday recipe. My hubby begged me to make this with the buttermilk. I added a whole lemon plus the zest. Try it! Seriously – you’d think we were eating at  fine dining establishment. Your friends will think you are the best chef ever.

To brown the chicken you need the bottom of the pan covered with olive oil. I figured it out almost out of laziness. I usually scrimp on oil to save against excess calories from fat. I finally made sure there was a good layer of oil on the bottom of my pan. The chicken browned beautifully and easily. With enough oil, it doesn’t take long either.

I didn’t have whole sage, but I had a nice seasoning rub. So.. I varied the recipe ever so slightly. Instead of salt and pepper, I used the rub. Instead of whole milk, I used buttermilk. Instead of half a cinnamon stick, I used the whole thing. And the finale: Instead of only using the lemon peel, I quartered one of the lemons and tossed that in the pot. 90 minutes later, the hubby was groaning with happiness.

This recipe is my adaptation of the Jamie Oliver original Jamie Oliver’s Version recipe. Go with the buttermilk. It’s fantastic.

Chicken in Milk adaptation
Save RecipeSave Recipe
Recipe Image


3-3/12 lb pasture raised quality chicken

sea salt

freshly ground black pepper

olive oil

1 stick cinnamon

1 good handful fresh sage , leaves picked

2 lemons , zest of

10 cloves garlic, skin left on

2 1/4 cup milk or buttermilk

"while Jamie calls for milk, we tried it with buttermilk and it was the best ever."



Preheat the oven to 190°C/375°F

Find a snug-fitting pot for the chicken. Season it generously all over, and fry it in a little olive oil, turning the chicken to get an even color all over, until golden.

Remove from the heat, put the chicken on a plate, and throw away the oil left in the pot. This will leave you with tasty sticky goodness at the bottom of the pan which will give you a lovely caramel flavor later on.

Put your chicken back in the pot with the rest of the ingredients, and cook in the preheated oven for 1½ hours. Baste with the cooking juice when you remember. The lemon zest will sort of split the milk, making a sauce which is absolutely fantastic.

To serve, pull the meat off the bones and divide it onto your plates. Spoon over plenty of juice and the little curds. Serve with wilted spinach or greens and some mashed potato or rice.



The Story on your Bookshelf: Transitions

Just wrote and submitted this article. It may be self healing, but I think it is more self-revealing of where I need to go. It’s about the messages on your bookshelf. I just packed up four boxes of books. Books that led and taught me well, but no longer hold deep meaning. Books are telling my story — as yours will tell yours. What is boxed is categorized:  Business and Project Management, Technical, Religious, Accounting and Finance, and a few odds and ends.  What is left is a story all of it’s own. The shelving looks clean and tidy. The books I’ll keep are clearly marked, but I haven’t re-read them. I think I will, but I probably won’t.  

The Story on your Bookshelf: Transitions tells about how to read the past, find the story and link the golden thread of past to a new now. 

These books tell of my travels – maybe my travesties too. For I was one that started out with a clear focus. It was great at first. I thrived on the concept of growing up in corporate offices where surely my diligent effort, ambition, and business acumen would carry me far.  What I learned over the first 15 years was not what I planned on learning. What I learned over the next 20 was more revealing. As we mature, we come to own – to know who we really are. For some – it’s easy. For me, I must have spent the first segments of life trying on many hats because none really fit. It was like those brand new saddle shoes that Mom made me wear. They were never comfortable until they were old and worn out — and then I had to buy new ones.  Trying to figure out who you are is not easy when constantly trying to fit another woman’s shoes.  


Books On Your Shelf

BooksontheShelf  is a little article – a quick read that inspires and ignites your personal journey message. For me – it was a long journey that only I could take. No one could steer as they had not walked this road. Your path/ It’s all yours.  But I can guide you based on how I guided myself. 

The message is clear. The path not so much. But bushwacking takes far too much energy.  At transition points along our pathways, we must look at the map. Sometimes that map takes us backwards at first. If we look at where we started, we can see more clearly than if we just meander about at various stopgaps. 

But when we listen to the message, when we really listen carefully, we hear our own songs. 

What’s your message telling you? 

Listen closely. Your soul wants to have a word with your heart. Your mind wants to stop working so hard and let your soul guide you for a change. 

I grew up hearing ‘plan your work and work your plan’ but no one taught me what to do when the universe had plans greater than mine. No one taught me to listen to my heart. You can’t teach what you don’t know.  I learned. It wasn’t easy. It wasn’t profitable either. But I had to learn. It was my life lesson. 

What is calling to you now? What is it you are trying so hard to ignore, but it keeps showing up in your face?  
Each of us has our own uniquely beautiful answer. What is yours? 


The Laughter Doctor: Bernie Siegel, MD


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Laughter truly is the best medicine. Second is Acceptance, followed by Love. THEN one can start the rebirthing process. Sometimes, you have to let go of everything you know.

I was fortunate to sit in on a lecture by the famed laughing doctor, Bernie Siegel, MD. I only wish he still practiced, but he was quite helpful about exploring solutions for the husband. Long before we had a diagnosis, we had an altering hopeful / despair game going on in our heads. As I listened to the man who introduced laughter to medicine and warmed the hearts of many, I remembered. Read More→

An Idea whose time is NOW

Caregivers know already.

Patients – maybe they get it, but they are pretty sick so their caregivers do all the research, pull info together, and do all the background work.

What if it happens to you? What if your spouse suddenly needs so much help that you can’t work?

Worse, what if it drags on forever?

I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be so damned hard. I’m going to make sure of that. I am building templates, creating articles, and crafting presentations that address the needs of a caregiver, a patient, and others who are involved in the care of someone in this situation.

I’ve talked with several folks who had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome at some point. They somewhat recovered, but all admit to being subject to relapse. One friend says he thinks his was due to a build up of toxins in his environment. Another swears her Chronic Fatigue Syndrome has a direct correlation to child birth – each of 3 births was followed by severe and constant fatigue for 2 years. It wasn’t until she dug deeply into her emotional history that she was able to restore herself. Another gal says her Fibromyalgia had a specific starting point in her ribs but there were life issues she’d been ignoring that seemed to have a direct relationship to where the pain ignited in her body. She says she had emotional signs all along and it wasn’t  until she learned to listen to her body’s cries for attention was she able to recover. And the Integrative Medical team at the Mayo says that EVERYONE is different, there is no known cure or treatment, and if it was so obvious, everyone would advice the same treatment.

The real question: WHY ARE WE STILL EVEN GUESSING? This is as real as it gets. A person literally can’t get out of bed. Another can’t easily leave the house. Another might function in a zombie state while working at first, but if it wears on and on, they eventually collapse. Some experience dizziness, nausea, cramping, and an unquestionable brain fog and mental impairment sometimes akin to how a dementia patient is slow to respond. The processor is on super slow speed like it’s about to crash sometimes.

The truth of the matter is we all have history and emotional healing is sometimes our path. Others I’ve listened to on videos have no idea what caused the disease, nor what put them into remission. Our doctors are the best in the world — the Mayo Clinic specialists ran every test possible. And when the tests were inconclusive, they found that CFS / ME has no medical exam to prove it — it’s all about ruling out everything else, looking at the myriad of symptoms, and realizing that they fit the category.

ME – Myalgic Encephalomyelitis – Inflammation of the Brain and Spinal Chord – is listed as a subset of CFS — but it’s really it’s own living nightmare. It affects EVERY part of the body system. That finally explains to us why my husbands symptom list goes on and on, changes, but always wraps around the same general complaints: nausea, dizziness, brain fog, memory loss, and physical pain. This disease is fairly well documented in the UK, Australia, and other places abroad. In the US – it’s lumped in with CFS and Fibromyalgia. WE now understand to some degree why so many General Practitioners would be so baffled by the disease. We now understand why they all directed him to Gastroenterology even though this is not a Gastro issue. What we don’t understand is how, after 15 Gastroenterologists, invasive physical explorations from the head to the toes, they never figured out what it was. Without a diagnosis, there is no help, no guidance, no medication, and worst of all — no way to get disability insurance to cover the loss of work. One of my questions for the first 5 medical providers is why they didn’t look deep enough to identify this disease. Not one told us they thought it was in his head. Not one told us it wasn’t real. They all said something akin to:

“Geez – you know this is really weird, clearly something is wrong, but I don’t have any more suggestions.”  “Try the pink pill? ” “Stop taking the Pink Pill and try the blue one.” “There is no spoon????”

I’ve created a go fund me page to ignite the funding to flesh out this website and dedicate it to chronic illness and people with lingering illnesses. I’ll find folks to interview who have gone into remission. I’ll find doctors who have expertise in this area. I’ll find caregivers – family members who helped their loved one through this ordeal.  I’ll look for patterns.  I’ll do the best lay research possible looking for root cause, symptom identifiers, and mostly — help for those with this horrible, immobilizing, disorder.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? It’s not just needing extra bed rest. It’s about a total change from type A driven hyperdrive people into those who quite often are nearly housebound if not bedridden. It’s about over-exertion to an extreme. It’s about someone who has about 20 % of what would be normal energy and it’s so easily depleted that recovery is minimal.  It’s about a medical industry that offers no cure, and often, disbelief in the syndrome as a whole. I know all about that. I read medical records going back 8 years. We found this one doc who didn’t really say in appointments but always wrote in notes that he thought my husband was simply fat and eating too many carbs.  Maybe — but in reality if he had the energy to do the active, vibrant lifestyle he preferred, he wouldn’t be eating bread and ice cream.  Something was terribly wrong, but the doctor wasn’t looking beyond his belly.

CFS / ME is a life sucking issue that is so far untreatable and incurable.

So what can we do?

We can join forces to provide support, knowledge, information, and hopefully a treatment.

We can look into what helps. what hurts, what works and what fails.  With your help, we can make this a better solution for all who suffer in isolation. Let’s do it. You don’t need to dump ice on your head. You don’t need to make a big show. Just help.