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Good Vibrations – Attraction Good

Raising Your Vibe. Good Vibrations.

5 Great Ways to Raise Your Good Vibration

It’s not a new concept. Way back in the dark ages of the 70’s, my attorney cousin from LA talked about Vibes! Ellen was the happiest, kindest, and least likely to fall into the darkness of anyone I’ve ever met. She was just that happy lady who wanted to help people. She’s the first person whom I heard this from decades ago. I thought it was an LA thing.

The positivity movement has resurged. When people talk about Raising Your Vibration they are simply saying get those Good Vibrations humming along. It’s not just pollyanna positive, and not just a law of attraction theory. It’s the way to build happiness and attract good – lots of good. Some people masterfully raise their vibrations.. others use it to do harm and don’t even know it.

We all want to feel vibrant, happy, healthy, and positive.  Right? We know unconsciously that the way to do that is to combine several techniques.
I’m going to share the good, the bad, and the iffy. And I’m going to post links to some of the books that make a difference. There is a lot of whack out there. And I’ll reinforce the good and help you avoid the whack.

How do we ensure we are amping up our vibrations? How is easy. Why is the question? And when you learn these simple tricks, you can master your good vibrations.
Why do we even care?

you can change everything good vibrations to attract good

Energetic Boundaries by Cyndi Dale

Well, we care because we want to protect ourselves from negative energy. Failing to do so ultimately harms our internal boundaries – the ones that we don’t consciously think about. These are the ones that snag on little entrails of other people’s emotional claws. In the book Energetic Boundaries, the concept becomes clear. We must heal our energy boundaries in order to become free of the entanglements and unwanted hooks others put upon us — things that we accepted at some point are no longer working.

We do this in 5  key ways. We make conscious what previously was an unconscious action. We learn to listen to our inner stillness. We come to know. We ask ourselves and listen for the answers. We know intuitively what to do if we turn in.

1: Foods – Eating for what you want – a high vibration, means eating foods that lighten and uplift you. Not diet foods, but foods that reach for the sky. Superfoods. Nutrient Dense, Colorful, high fiber, lower carb, and no sugar, no fake foods.  Sure we want to indulge, but when you do the 9010 program of eating, you naturally raise your body to a higher vibration. Eating better attracts all kinds of good. You know this. You know that when you clean up your diet, cut out the low fiber, no nutrient white foods, you feel lighter. You know that by simply cutting out heavy fatty foods you suddenly feel more energized. And you know that when you get rid of the sugary stuff, you have a steadier energy flow all day long.

A powerful book I picked up while in nutrition school crystallized my belief that food energy is not just the nutrients but how the food source was nurtured, raised, and processed. Steve Gagner goes into it deeply in his book, Food Energetics.

2: Activities – This one is simple. The more you move, the more energy you have. The more energy you feel, the more you do. This is step one in raising your vibrations. Good vibrations hum about you and other people feel it. You feel better. They feel good about you. That’s good vibrations.  And balancing this with calm is so important. I know. I can be absolutely energized to the point I walk in a room and heads turn. I’m not doing anything but feeling good and happy. What they feel is an energetic pull. It frightens some.  I eventually learned to find a balance. In part, seeking your tribe of movers helps with this one. It’s hard to maintain that high activity vibe when your friends want to sit and smoke and feast on crap food. So seek out your tribal dancers and get up offa that thang.  yeah, James Brown had it going on:

3: Powerful Choices – Ok this is tricky. Choices make the difference. Do you feel down some days? Feel hopeless, unworthy, unloved? Do you dwell on the past? Do you find yourself remorseful? I wasted far too much time grieving for what was never to be. I wanted what I couldn’t have and it was out of my control. But I loved them so much, I kept trying to figure out what I did that was so wrong — and there was nothing! CHOICES — POWERFUL CHOICES are the turning points. And when you CHOOSE POWERFULLY — you infuse yourself with a higher vibrational tuning.

4: Attentions – what you resist persists. Please give yourself a break. If you are constantly fighting something that keeps showing up in your conscience, address it. Don’t hide.There is a message there. But don’t obsess either. What you pour your attention on is what you bring to you. For example, when you focus on what you want – a job, a man, a new car — everything you see is filtered by that want. So when you focus on what you don’t want, that also becomes what you see.  I’m all for attending to stuff, and not ignoring the stinking thinking. It comes from somewhere, so it’s good to root it out. If you kill the top flower of a week, the root keeps growing. So while tending the garden of you, you have to keep an eye on the results you want and be willing to get rid of what you don’t. When you pull out the roots, they no longer grow. That’s freedom!

5: Intentions – Be clear here. What you intend must be aligned with you. You must find the way to hold your intentions in your heart-center, and know that while some things take time, all things are available when we are aligned with our intentions. My intention right now is to reset, to restart, to find the answer to How Can I Retire and Make a LOT of Money with much less effort? That’s where I am. I’m intending to find solutions. The Intention Experiment is a juicy look into setting your intentions clearly. And many thanks to my friend, Mark Andersen for sending this to me. Such a nice gift from a good friend.

This morning, as I again revised a resume to pitch to another employer how great I think I am, I ran into an audio on  It’s not just another how to make money book pitch. It’s a lady who shares how she constantly struggled and then ultimately reclaimed her right to win and be bold.
Right there on Monster was a talk and an idea: Believe in your self. Be a Bad Ass. You are a Badass. So be one with it. And quickly, I picked up two books:


Why is any of this important? Why can’t we just go through life, living it on life’s terms? Why does intentionally raising our vibration even matter? Well, it matters because if you become the one people dump their story on when they are down but they run away when you are down, you are somehow letting them steal your energy. It became essential to me to re-establish and heal energetic boundaries. And then I had to reclaim my intentions. If you are a sensitive, an empath, a healer or even a caregiver, you know some of this. You just do. Turn inward, tap in, and see if it resonates.

It’s not that I want to start completely over. If I did, I’d be throwing away what I hold near and dear. ME. The ME I worked so hard to cultivate. The ME that had to accept what is in order to create what would be the new me. Failure wasn’t the issue. Rejection by loved ones was. I had to fight back from nothing into something and that included restoring the real me. The challenge is to maintain good vibrations while I swim through the challenging upstream of relaunching. The hard part is the rocks and boulders I encounter, and the easy part is to keep focusing on raising my good vibrations so that I bump up against but don’t bruise me.

That’s why I know. I know how hard it can be. I know that when CS called me and said: “You just aren’t happy enough for me. I’m letting you go” It wasn’t about me. And it still hurt. I hadn’t hired her. I said something she took wrong. And she judged me.  Fine enough. For I know this was the same woman who cried rivers on my shoulder about her crappy family stuff. I knew too that there was some truth to it for life was giving me a lesson and I’d not found the solutions yet. Beware the trolls! They sneak up on you, say something, and you have to be strong enough to take what you like and leave the rest.  Or leave it all. 🙂

And that’s where the iffy stuff comes in. You can raise your good vibrations on your own. You don’t need a guru. You can get those Good Vibrations in so many ways. There is so much on this planet for us. But we must watch out for self-proclaimed guru’s who take our money while building their dreams of false lies and misperceptions. It’s sometimes cult like attractions.
I just tested this out. I have a lot of knowledge and experience. But someone offered a cheap online coaching thing that sounded fun. Lady offered dirt cheap coaching in a group. I may have been seeking synergy and friends, but after 45 days of so called online coaching, I knew they were not of my tribe. The pattern was clear. On day 40 she stopped doing her daily stuff and was promoting gently her next class – which of course was 3 x the price. The promise is an intangible feel good storyline and the offer is I can help you blah blah blah. If you accept, you pay to play, she tells you what she thinks, and you either get what you came for or you don’t. The results don’t last long so the coach hopes you go back for more.

“I hurt – they say they have answers – I feel better for a minute – then they are asking for more and more money – I’m not so sure anymore – one more class — then another – then wtf am I doing here!@”

Yeah — be your own guru. And if you want some help learning to do that, of course, I can help you. I’m not a guru. I’m not a saint. And a lot of self-proclaimed guru’s get really angry at me when I dare to share what I know. I’m not a threat to them, but they feel something challenging about me. It must be because I teach my clients and myself to tap into their own inner wisdom.


Light Easy Summer Meals – call for a end of summer special coaching session

Light Easy Summer Meals?   Oh yeah, you can. Ban the donuts. Toss out that cereal. Skip the Oatmeal. I never thought to question the typical American breakfast until I was on a tour in Isreal. Every breakfast was cucumber, tomato, and cheese with maybe a little bread.  And why not? During these hot summer days, a fresh and flavorful breakfast needs to be cold, light and refreshing.

Have you ever thought about how to make breakfast light, refreshing, and colorful? It’s been pretty hot here in the Pacific Northwest. So hot that I’m more likely to skip breakfast if there’s nothing refreshing. Oatmeal on a hot day just does not appeal.

Chopped Mediterranean Salad is filled with color, texture, and a light crunch.There’s just something about eating a bowlful of color and texture with a light snap on those hot days.
Add some crunch or add some protein, and you have a great start to a hot, sizzling day. And if like me, you make enough extra that you get to enjoy it for dinner too.

I showed one on my facebook page: @ramblinlambwellness
Here’s the original:

My twist on this Mediterranean Salad:
Chop up in similar sized bite-sized chunks:
Red Pepper
Red onion
Some Parsley
Add Feta Crumbles
sliced or chopped Calamata Olives
Chopped Avocado
Gabanzo or Pinto Bean
Can use Black Olives instead of Calamatas

Dress with
Lemon Juice
Olive Oil

It’s so good. And the colorful bowl makes for a happy, high vibration day.

Want more? There is so much to play with to create light easy summer meals. Thinking out of the box is great. Consider eating for fuel. Think about light easy ways to adopt your favorite meals. Save time by cooking once and cooking enough to create several meals. Roast a chicken or two, and prepackage some light combinations of vegetables. You’ll have a nice selection of homemade and prepackaged light easy meals at the ready.  It’s how we roll at the BeWellBistro. Keeping a stock of light easy meals starts with a bit of forethought. Check out our health coaching programs.

Have you ever just eaten something that made you smile? Felt a bit of a buzz? I mean the good kind of buzz when you just have a happy vibe and feel a bit of pep?
Have you ever noticed the colors and textures in your foods?
I was in a coaching circle where the coach claimed that her program would help people raise their vibration. The only thing that was not purely wish craft was the simplicity of cleaning up your diet. But she gave no tips, offered no real nutritional thought other than Clean Your Diet and do my meditations.

It’s so funny how easy it is. One simple little thing can tip your balance to a better food profile. For me, it’s often starting with plenty of fresh produce in the morning.
I don’t even mean a juice or smoothie anymore. I mean eat a bowl of vegetables or fruit. No one said you have to eat bread or cereal for breakfast. Pancakes? Haven’t had them in years. It’s a total misnomer.
Breakfast can be anything.

We no longer live in a world where we have to carb load for a full day’s energy like the hunters and farmers did. It is rare that anyone needs to eat like they are burning off thousands of calories before lunch.


The Circle Can Guide

This Circle of Life is a guide to balancing your life. A renewed you starts with a glance at what is before moving towards what will be.  Call for coaching sessions. I make it a fun exploration into possibilities. It starts with a simple conversation that can change your life. Coach Nancy 425-246-8685


Karma and the Morning Muse: Thinking about how your behavior affects your health

Karma and the Morning muse:
Karma comes around like the morning — it always comes. I write from a perspective of 10 years of being here, helping, managing, and somehow surviving against all odds. This is not about the political shitstorm. This is not about the ACA or it’s imminent repeal. This is about human nature. This is about karma. Good or Bad, the wise man said Instant Karma gonna get ya. I think he is right. 

How you treat people is up to you. In my opinion, it’s essential to our well-being. Why? Because when we treat other humans poorly, it affects us personally. When we treat others with vindictive resentment, it becomes a toxin in our system. The way we treat others has a way of coming back to us. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow, but it comes back.  It always comes back.

instant karma gonna get you

What you give, ultimately it comes back to get you.

Would you tell someone that has had a stroke to just ignore it and live normally?
Would you tell someone who lost a limb that they should grow a new one?
Do you tell a cancer patient that they just need to be more active and get out more?
Would you try to convince someone with dementia that they can and should do everything they did before, push harder, and work harder?
Would you tell your Mom, Your brother, Your neighbor that they aren’t really sick even though you can see they are suffering?
If a friends child has a difficult and chronic illness or something severe, do you offer compassion or tell them how they must parent?
Would you insist that a complicated disease isn’t real? Would you insist that your lay medical assumptions are more valid that the medical experts across the globe who don’t understand the illness? Do you demand that your person follows your lay advice? And if they don’t you just give up on them and bail?

Karma comes around. Be a jerk and you get treated like a jerk. Be kind, kindness comes back.

Would you ever say things to their only advocate that indicate you think they are enabling and should just stop? Would you tell them that the person afflicted doesn’t deserve your help?
What would you feel if you were the one receiving these kinds of judgment?
How would you respond? No, really. How would you deal with this? It’s the reason those who become ill tend to isolate. It’s the reason families are torn apart and caregivers start to avoid being with friends. It’s not about being needed 24 / 7 — often it’s a matter of being in solitude is more nurturing than being with judgmentals who can’t find their heart.
I am deeply grateful to our friends who have stayed with us through this nightmare. Erica, David, Jerry, Sean, and Kristi, in particular, have been amazing. They know! They get it.  Their friendship is such a gift. Such a treasure to not have to explain repeatedly and then feel like they just don’t get it.
I’ve lived with my beloved for many years and through many things. He was a tough guy who overcame many pain points. He was a hard worker and hard driving hiker. Now, it takes far to long to explain to others repeatedly what his illness is and why it is the way it is. It’s not dementia, but it’s like it. It’s not MS, but it’s like it. He does not need a nurse or a caregiver. He needs help and he needs a manager. And companionship from people other than his wife. 
I guess what I don’t understand is the calloused attitude so many have – knowing full well that if it happened to them, their choices would be as difficult as mine. I’ve literally had people tell me that if he didn’t get better, couldn’t get back to normal, that I should leave him. Yes, they have said exactly that and worse. 
I’m just saying: What is wrong with people? 
 I’ve heard too many calloused, insensitive comments over the past 10 years. Would people start treating others with more love and light if they ate right? If they stopped buying guns and eating meat from murdered animals, would they become softer hearted? Would they be more generous to the planet, the forests, the waterways if they ate more fresh foods that grow from the ground or swam in the sea?



People have unfriended me because I speak my mind articulately and eloquently. People have bragged about feeding the homeless or giving to their church while doing nothing to help those they are staring at. Maybe they need that separation. It’s like they get kudos for feeding strangers, but it scares them to help a friend or a relative. People who have plenty are expecting freebies while frowning on those who can’t afford whatever.
Yesterday I was called a very nasty, nasty woman, told I was a liberal twit, and later called a lesbian. Huh? I thought about it. I wrote back: Fuck Yeah, I am. I’m a NASTY WOMAN and I own it. LOL What these people seem to think is that compassion and consideration for others is a sin. I’ll never understand that. 
I’m not going to let this stranger bother me. It is truly all about taking care of myself, fighting when it’s right, standing up and standing my ground. With joy in my heart, I resist the haters.
I don’t care who you voted for. I don’t care that you have a different religion. I don’t care if you go to church and I don’t care if you don’t. If you are a human being, I expect you to act like you have a heart even if you lost it somewhere. 

Choose Healthy: What do you want?


Choose healthy! What do you Want? How Can I help you get there? What do you need to get you to where you want to be?

What do you really want? You can’t find contentment if you don’t know what you are looking for.  Choose healthy: it’s always a choice. But what do you want? What do you really, really want? Is it less weight, more energy, deal with pain, counter fatigue? I can best help you if I truly know your needs. Not your wants. Not even your goals. What is it you need to do what it takes to get what you want?

Nancy here. We started this page as a hangout. A place to gather. I’d love some guest bloggers.  I’d love to exchange stories and see what a common focus is. I know what’s important to me. But what about you? What do you need to Choose Healthy? What is it that would elevate your choices from a kinda half-assed healthy to all they time Choose Healthy as a way of living?

Are you looking for ways to fight illness?
Ways to deal with arthritis?
Do you want meal plans, menu ideas?
Do you want budget focused healthy options?
Look- I’m not a rich chick with oodles of surplus money. If I can live healthy on any kind of budget, I can sure teach you my methods.
If it’s not knowing how to shop – I can help there too.
Some clients really just want validation, happiness, and self-love. They need to know that that ooey-gooey chocolate cake doesn’t mean death to their diet! And it doesn’t.
I don’t know — what do you really want.

How deep do we go here?   Do we want to talk recipes like our Mom’s used to do? My Mom got some of her best recipes by sitting around a table talking with her friends. They shared. They exchanged recipes. They talked about the latest tips and tricks. And then Mom made her own adaptation. So like my morning mashups, Mom would take a recipe, look in the fridge, and made something similar out of what she had.

Note: (Today’s mashup was spinach, cauliflower, mushrooms, and a tomato sauteed in olive oil with brewers yeast, garlic, salt, pepper and olive oil — then added ONE egg and scrambled it, put a little parmesan on top with some black sesame seeds. Tasty! )

Choosing healthy foods and getting exercise isn’t that tough. Stay out of the center aisle, buy fresh, eat clean, and get moving… those thoughts are pretty obvious.  So what is it that YOU want to keep you focused on doing what you already know you want to do?

What do you want from me, your healthy life coach?

How do you want it?  E-Book? Webinar? Video?  What’s the main delivery?  Or — do you want to talk live-time with me?

Do you want a guide for surviving the junk food aisles? Tips for giving up unwanted habits? A simple infographic card that keeps you on task?

Tell me what you want.  Really.  I want to know. If I can help you to do what I’ve done, I want to do it.

I want to create a platform to meet your needs.

The New Mediterranean Diet

New Mediterranean Diet? It’s not that new, but there’s new information for us.

Isn’t it the same as the old ways or Asian diet? The New Mediterranean diet is really the same as it’s always been — only renamed several times. We’ve got a lot of pyramid happy graphic designers showing what to eat, how to eat, what to eliminate. The truth?  It’s pretty simple. The more the names change, the less the diet changes.

Mediterranean Anti-Inflammation Diet

Lower Your Risk – Lower your inflammation

When we went to the Mayo Clinic, we were taught in depth about the New Mediterranean Diet. It wasn’t so much eat like the Italians do. It is all about eating fresh produce, whole grains, more wild caught pacific fish, and … really — the only new twists were the new knowledge about Asian Mushrooms, Green Tea, Science based evidence on the virtues of Extra Virgin Olive Oil….

Try as I might, I can’t find that much NEW in changing the Meditteranean Diet to the Anti-Inflammation diet with the exception of specific inflammation-fighting herbs, green teas, and more olive oil.  Your Heart won’t care what you call the feeding plan any more than your aching hip will care. The bottom line is the results.

Why all the new names for old ways?

It’s part marketing, part psychology, part people don’t want to change so we keep seeking new ways to inspire this ever important change in lifestyle. If you look at most diets for improving health conditions, they have so many commonalities, it gets boring.  When I graduated from Nutrition School, there were not 2 but 5 new feeding guides or charts. There were 3 pyramids, and 2 eating plates, plus a Circle.

Then the fanatics started fighting with those who believed that moderation and eating whole foods is best. People will argue all the time. Not too long ago, coconut was bad. Now it’s so good there is a whole new industry. While many claim coconut oil does wonders, only a few doctors say sure, but eat the WHOLE coconut. I’ve heard many health entrepreneurs tout the virtues of 3 tablespoons of pure coconut oil a day – but I’ve not heard that from a single medical doctor. And most doctors may study the science, but they rarely have advice on how to follow a food plan. Don’t the docs just follow what the nutrition trends are anyway?  No one knows the long term effects. Not really. It’s too crazy.

Bottom line: There are several ways to go about reaching your health improvement targets.

  1. Eat to lower your inflammation
  2. Eat Local – food grown nearest you, preferably organic
  3. Eat Asian foods – Asian mushrooms are known for lowering inflammation
  4. Eat Mediterranean style – lots of fish, vegetables, and olive oil
  5. Eat Fresh and if you can’t eat fresh frozen whole food is better than canned or boxed
  6. Stay away from pre prepared, prepackaged, mass merchandised foods. Read the labels. If you can’t pronounce it, it’s an additive that your body won’t love.

Honestly?  You can break it all down to this simplistic view: The New Mediterranean Diet is closely related to the Asian Diet and sometimes called the Mediterranean / Asian Diet. Both serve well to lower inflammation in the body, but neither are completely fool proof. While most people will lose weight and lower blood pressure and cholesterol while following this plan, it is totally designed to lower inflammation.

Kid Friendly AI Diet

Kid Friendly Mediterranean Anti-Inflammation Diet










DRINK 3 – 4 cups of GREEN TEA daily




There are 2 key elements to all dietary plans often unmentioned. It’s built within the Mediterranean Diet. It’s built into the Anti-Inflammation diet. It’s part and parcel of every diet on the planet. We are human beings, not robots. While many grew up playing, somehow we failed to keep active. It’s as if we reached a certain age and were expected to stay seated, indoors, in an office.  Oh, the American Dream:  Get old, stop moving, and make money.  Many wrongly believed that healthy habits were a waste of precious time – they figured they could always lose the added weight once they retired, but they didn’t get that the risk of life altering disease was so close at hand.

Good news, guys: There is always hope. There is always a benefit from starting right now to change your lifestyle.
You have to want it.  And starting with the most basic of all tips, you can get your health back.  But you have to want it. 

It is like we should all know, but then some need constant reminders:
1) STAY ACTIVE – protect your muscles and joints — and keep those bones strong. If you don’t use it, you lose it. That doesn’t mean work out like you plan to run the next Boston (or Seattle) Marathon. It means keep using what you’ve got.  Rest is fine, but sedentary living leads to more issues. MOVE.


2) GET OUTSIDE – the most natural source of Vitamin D is the sun. The most natural way to perk yourself up in body, mind and spirit is to get a daily dose of at least 15 minutes a day of natural and UNFILTERED sunlight. It is not good enough to drive your car. It is not good enough to sit in a window. If you are sick or unable, that’s fine. But if you are not — get outside.  It’s good for all of you.


Harvard’s Eating Plate






Have some green tea and ponder what you really want.

Roasted Beet, Garlic Scape, and Kale Salad

Asian Rice Mix

Asian 8 Grain Rice

Raw Carrot and Beets cubed, drizzled with EVO and tossed in Lemon Juice

Carrot and Beet Raw Salad with Lemon and EVO

Kale, Roasted Beets, Feta. and Sunflower shoots

Freshly Done

Anasazi Beans

Beans Beans Beans

What else to do with Kale and Roasted Beets

Kale, Beet, Feta and Sunflower Shoots

Roasted Beet, Garlic Scape and

Beans are Anti Inflammatory

Bean, Avocado, Garlic Scape Salad

Kale Salad — an all-new recipe that looks delish!

 In order to make this Roasted Beet, Garlic Scapes and Kale Salad, I had some ‘mis-en-plac’ to do. Cook once, eat twice is what they teach in school.  I take that a bit farther. I’ll make the basics in larger quantities and that leaves me with a lot of ways to use the same things. My challenge is making the right amount and getting a flavor filled variety. No one wants to get bored.

I love salads but I’m not always eager to put one together at the last minute. It’s summer. And that means farmer’s markets are bountiful.   We’ve experimented a lot of late – it beats paying restaurant prices and as a decent home chef, I can make it work.

Beans?  Man, I’ve never liked them.  But I’ve got to make some changes. Beans are high fiber, higher protein, cleansing, and economical. I’ve got to try. Again.

I got up this morning to a freshly soaked pot of beans.  I don’t have a clue why people love them, but once again, I am going to try.

First up was to cook my Anasazi Beans on a slow simmer.

But while at it, I  made not 1 but 3 salads. In 35 minutes!

I happen to love raw beets and carrots with a drizzle of EVO and lemon juice.  (Extra Virgin Olive Oil). I got busy peeling and chopping.  Three Salads in the time it takes to cook beans: 35 minutes exactly

Cook the beans in a large pot covered with 3 x the water as beans. Peel and chop your beets and carrots while this starts simmering. Set oven to roast at 400, spread beets on a cooking pan and drizzle with a little EVO and salt. Roast for 20 minutes, stirring halfway through. While this cooks:

  1. Raw Beet and Carrot Salad: Chopped Beets and sliced carrots tossed in a bit of lemon juice and EVO, sprinkled with salt and pepper, add some pine nuts, add some of whatever you want. Or savor this and add to other green salads
  2. Then I rinsed my cooked beans and tossed a cup into a salad bowl along with several delightfully fresh chopped ingredients: Tomato, Avocado, Scapes and more lemon juice and EVO.  I added some 9-grain rice.   And there it is. A bland yet healthy light salad with just enough flavor that it’s more exciting than boring.  And you can add whatever other texture or flavor, color or texture you want.
  3.  The Main Event: An inspired salad of Roasted Beets, Garlic Scapes, and Kale.  I made some 9-grain rice to add. Tossed in some Feta for flavor. Made a quick dressing of lemon juice, olive oil, balsamic, garlic, and salt.  I’ll put the dressing on the salad just before we eat it.

That, friends, is how I created 3 great salads in 35 minutes including cooking the beans and the rice, roasting the beets, and enjoying a savory breakfast right afterward.  It’s taken the rest of the day to get the photos, do some research, print some Anti-Inflammation documents, and get my photo printer to cooperate.

Why is that important?
I get to play with menus on Thursday. I might do some photos and videos, but we’ll spend the morning creating new things and finding fun ways to incorporate this Anti-Inflammation plan into already healthy recipes. I’m spending time with my friend Teri, and we are going to have fun in the kitchen.  And I’m bringing her a packet of information that I compiled for this Anti-Inflammation madness.

Anti-Inflammation Eating

Anti-Inflammation Eating

Lower Your Risk – Lower your inflammation

Anti-Inflammation Eating

It’s a lifestyle. It’s a way of eating. It’s a way of living life like it counts.
Anti-Inflammation Eating is the new way to help your body heal.

First a bit of background on the newest phase: Anti-Inflammation Eating is about eating to lower your risk of serious disease that used to be considered issues of aging. Not anymore. Too many are seeing signs of diabetes, heart disease, and even signs of arthritis earlier than ever before.

I’m a bit of a pioneer. Starting in the 70’s, eating healthfully and living actively was my thing. My reason for being was to live life well.  I’d come through the drug thing. I’d walked away from a close circle of friends to save my life. That meant significant change.  Out with drinking and drugging my life away, and on with making a difference. Answering the call to awareness, to mindfulness, to living life as if it mattered. Anti-Inflammation Eating wasn’t even a consideration. Back then inflammation meant a sprained ankle. Take ibuprofen. But now? Now We know better. We know that trying to cure systemic inflammation with ibuprofen will not give long term results before creating other problems.

This has been a windy road for me — being aware that the only thing I could really control in my life was my choices — I chose to do what I could to be healthy. In some ways, it was about wanting a vibrancy. But in other ways, it was because I didn’t want to be a burden on my loved ones.  Not if I could help it.

Out with red meat.
Out with empty calories – as Mom used to call junk food.
Out with eating for comfort and in with eating for fuel and nutrition.

That’s all old news. Everyone alive has heard it. Cut down on the red meats, white foods, and sugar. Eating a balanced diet has changed to eating a nutrient dense diet. Eating fewer calories than you burn is old news. Now we are told to eat coconut oil and olive oil.  It’s enough to make a grown girl cry.

But here’s the dealio — we can all continue to learn as we grow into the people we want to be. Please folks, please don’t assume that simply changing your diet means you can suddenly stop prescriptions or stop listening to a doctor. They mean well. Changing your diet can save your life, but don’t assume you can blow off the doctor’s instructions. Not at first.  It will take time.

Eating is part science and part art. Creating new menus is fun. Creating menus with friends and family? That’s a bonus.
Here’s a base for menu planning. sampleMealPlan

When 4 of us are told eat an Anti-Inflammation Diet for FOUR DIFFERENT REASONS, there’s something going on. When I was in nutrition school, we talked about alkaline diets more than inflammation. We talked about the Mediterranean and the Asian diets. And we talked about eating to cure what ails you.

Yes – there is something going on around here. It’s knowledge. It’s empowerment. When we can do some simple things to lower our risk, we mitigate what we can and thus have some sense of empowerment. We start to feel better on many levels. And then we take even more action. Everyone can benefit. Everyone!

I was told AI diet to reduce hip inflammation.
He was told AI diet to better deal with CFS / ME.
She was told AI diet to best deal  with cancer and diabetes.
She was told AI diet to deal with cancer, radiation, and lymph node removal.

In all, the AI diet helps the body by reducing inflammation. Not the kind of inflammation you get with a broken or sprained ankle, but the insidious internal inflammation that leads to heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and other issues once considered just a ‘part of aging’.

The truth is that eating certain foods is known to lower the risk of all of those diseases.  Following my practice of doing all that i possibly can to support me, eating this way is a huge part of it.

Why? Well, because I care. Don’t you care?

For starters, you have to look at your normal shopping habits. Figure out what you replace with what. No more red meat? Ok – what’s for protein? No more sugar? What’s for that sweet tooth?

Anti-Inflammation Eating
This site shows a great visual:

And if what you really want is know-how on how to shop to support your new lifestyle, I’ve got a great handout for you.

AI ShoppingTips

And here’s how to maximize the effect of Tumeric (Curcumin)

Great Ways to Get Healthy

Great Ways to Get Healthy
It’s not a magic trick. It’s mind management.

Great Ways to Get Healthy also means Great Ways to save time and be cost efficient.  When you make one meal, make two or three for later.
It’s about advance preparation with mindful planning. think about it. Fast foods became ever more popular because we were suddenly 2 income families. What I propose is you can still enjoy fast foods — but you are about to make your own food faster, like it better, and feel better afterwards.

Chop the scallions and store. Cut the broccoli and cauliflower florets and store. Slice those cucumbers. Prepare in advance whatever you can. It’s planning and staging things so that when you want it you can have it. For years, I’d pre-pack little baggies of fruits and vegetables to bring to work. I know a working Mom who is happy to do so for her children, but she relies on Costco prepackaged hard boiled eggs for herself.  What the? Why not just boil the eggs and prepackage them yourself? 11 minutes in a pot of boiling water. Save money, save time, be healthy. You have no idea what Costco adds to those eggs to make them stay fresh longer.

One evening, I found myself chopping up salad ingredients and decided the heck with it. I cleaned all the produce we’d just purchased, chopped everything up and put it in small sealed containers. Suddenly, a salad was going to take 5 minutes instead of 30. Adding vegetables to other dishes was a breeze. Omelette with vegetables? Rice Bowl with a little-spiced chicken and veggies? Done in no time.  Mise en Place makes for a high efficient kitchen. Especially if you’ve got a needy loved one or if you are injured yourself. Save yourself the time and stress. Get it done in advance.

So many have openly wondered how I do it or how they can better do this caregiving thing. We are all fast reaching that the point where someone we love is going to need help. And with my tips, you can make it both cost effective and easier. You’ll love the results because you’ll enjoy better health, more energy, and maybe more patience. Trust me, patience is essential. And to maintain that, you need to nurture yourself as much as you need to nurture your loved one.

I want to share my favorite tips for making this journey easier.

First up is food preparation:
It’s always easier to prepare your produce in advance.

When you have all the foods prechopped and ready to go, you have extra time to get creative. So do your shopping for 3 – 5 days, clean it, chop it, and store it so you can just toss it into a salad, a tuna casserole, or whatever.  Yes, you lose a little bit of nutrient when you clean and chop your carrots first, but that is vastly better than not eating your fruits and vegetables. The best way to ensure you eat your fruit and vegies is have them as readily available as the cookies. If it is there and ready, you are far more apt to enjoy the healthy side of life.

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 2.50.13 PMIt even works with a roasted chicken.  Roast your own! Don’t just buy one. Buy and roast two chickens.  Enjoy one with your first meal.  Carve some slices for sandwiches, cut some chops for salads, enchiladas, or add-ins for chicken soup.  And don’t throw out the bone, drippings or neck. Throw all of that in a pot, cover with water, add carrot, onion, and celery, add seasonings. Bring that pot to a boil, and then simmer for hours.  It’s a good idea to skim the top of all that bubbly stuff before the fat renders to the top. That is usually a little dirt and your soup tastes much better without it. Cook it down until all the ingredients are falling apart, then strain it off. Now you have a lovely broth that you can cook down to a stock or enjoy as a rich broth. Folks – that is about 5  and maybe 6 meals with 2 chickens and only one roasted chicken mess to clean up.  Not bad!

I don’t make a big production of it. I just take the time to clean it all while I am preparing one meal. That way I don’t make Sunday a cooking day. You can. I know people who spend every Sunday prepping and cooking and packaging portion sized meals. You’ll have to figure it out. But get it done.

Next up: Get Blending
It’s really fun, simple, and fast. The best smoothies and soups are made with market fresh ingredients and whole foods. If you are like me, sometimes breakfast is a bit tough and I won’t do raw eggs in my smoothy any more. I found a great soy free, dairy free protein based on rice protein. It’s called RAW Garden of Life. I’ve checked with the vendors. This is a great product.


I admit it. I am affiliated with BlendTec. They approached me, asked me to try out their blender, and you know what? It does a great job at nearly everything. I’ve posted a couple links on my page because I can get you a nice deal. It looks like even the refurbished models which are already a great price, provide you another $100 off if you click my link from the page bottom.
But the real deal is this: Buy the best you can afford, store it in a convenient place, and USE IT. I’ve included the Blend Tec recipe book for you to kick off your crazy happy blending.

Know Thy Foods

Know Thy Foods

Know thy Fats
Learn What’s in It

What is really in that delish avocado and bacon recipe you just saw on your Facebook page? When you know thy foods, you gain power and control. When you let others tell you something is healthy and you do no research, you give your power away. Simple: Know thy foods.
While you salivate over an imagined tasty delight, you might want to slow down and think a little. Know what you put in your awesome body. The more you give to you, the better you get.

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A Balanced Menu

A Balanced Menu

Even on a Fat Fueled Holiday

Thanksgiving is the day people go over the edge – the diet goes out the window. It’s all about the food! It makes me crazy. I figure I can find balance in this fat fueled holiday. Mom’s words ring in my ears: It can be healthful and taste good too. Thanksgiving can be easy, tasty and memorable. 

Do we have to have 4 pies?  That’s about one half pie per person in my house. And it makes no sense.  

Who is directing this show anyway? If I’m doing most of the work, I get to plan the menu. Right?  

I grew up with a health focused Mom who preached often about a balanced menu – balanced meal – balanced diet…. In Mom’s mind, the meal was incomplete if you didn’t have a protein, two vegetables, and maybe a little rice.  Maybe she pushed a bit too hard because some 40 years after I moved out, I still cook like Mom.

As I started to delegate the menu helps, I realized that I was quickly losing control of this festival. The husband asked his daughter to bring PIES. When I heard the list I was amazed.  This healthy girl is going crazy and it’s still two weeks away. Why do we need Pumpkin, Pecan, Chocolate and a surprise dessert as well? And the other guests prefer apple. So.. I had to think fast. 

If I want to find a balanced and healthy meal within this madness, I have to take charge of that which I like. If I want vegetables, it’s up to me to make them the way I’m going to like them. 

First up — yams. Sometimes Simple is the best.  This year it’s back to basics, baby.  Just peal em, halve em, drizzle a little butter and brown sugar and bake them about 35 – 40 minutes.  Figure at most 1 1/2 yam per person. Done. 

Green Beans, Garlic and Almonds — If I get really lazy, I’ll buy frozen french cut or a pre made deli item from my favorite store. But — nothing is better than fresh.  So — lightly steamed Haricot Green Beans cut long, then lightly sauteed in butter, fresh chopped garlic, toasted almond bits, and maybe a little lemon.  YUM!  And you can make this a couple days before, store in serving platter and just lightly heat.  Simple, easy, healthy, and balanced menu. 

Brussels — well, there are two ways to go. The easiest and balanced menu add is oven roasted with a drizzle of oil, salt, pepper, and a kick.  Roast for 12 minutes on 450.  
But the annual favorite is always a winner while the oven roasted are questionable.  So get out your wok, heat up some oil, and wok fry quartered Brussels, then add some chopped bacon, and finally some onion.  Saute until tender.  You’ll get to try whatever seasonings you like. Try coconut oil instead of olive oil. It adds a great flavor.  To keep this a balanced menu, use less bacon or less oil. Somethings you just can’t fight. Another add is to include a little orange zest. It gives it some pop and seems to cut through the bacon fat. 

Stuffing? What? You thought I forgot? Nope – but I don’t like bread stuffing except for the rich butter, so this year, it’s a rice stuffing based on what the Puget Consumers Coop deli favorite Maple Cranberry Wild Rice recipe found in store.  I haven’t made it yet. But here is the recipe: 
I’ll be using my favorite Mogami Asian rice blend of many whole grains instead of the wild rice.  Thanks to a good friend, I’m stocked up on butternut squash too. I think I have everything I need.  Try it. It’s really tasty. That apple cider vinegar makes a huge difference. 

Oh, that rice blend?  It’s an all natural blend of non-GMO made in USA Whole Grain blend of 8 grains actually.  The label says Mogami. And it’s loaded with good stuff.  It’s rich in fiber, essential oils, numerous nutrients — but mainly — it tastes great.  

Cranberries — the good thing about cooking your own fresh berries is control. Using orange juice, oranges, and maybe apple juice, you get to cut out a ton of sugar. I’ll dig up the recipe and post it later. 

Turkey is on the menu too.  No – I wouldn’t forget it.  It’s already planned out. Smoking the bird the day before, and reheating the day of seems to make a lot more sense.  Then if we need a backup plan, we can do a normal oven roast.  

Let’s hope we don’t lose power.  

Happy Thanksgiving.