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Healing Insights and Life Lessons

IT’s TIME – time to heal with insights from the past.

Healing Insights come when they come. They come from a space of awareness and apparent random thoughts. You get a chance to heal energetically.
Healing Insights and Life Lessons from Woman Working in the 80’s is about releasing the toxic mess that came from hidden workplace agendas.

Healing Insights from a harsher world where
strong women were seen as a threat
when established systems players played women for fools.
and then we rose above this mad mindset.

Healing Insights

come when we need them. We must hear and understand without self-blame and without shame. Only then can we glean what was going on.  The truth is the truth and once we can accept it from a higher level of consciousness, we are freed from the grip of the past. That’s what we want. Freedom.

Healing insights may become a book. I don’t yet know. What I do know is I am not alone. This is for all the EMPATHS who strive to survive. This should have been collaborative and unifying and it became a weird culture of isolation amidst often ruthless and unexpected competition. No one talked about it. Empath women, in particular, struggled with ‘what is really going on?’ Most dropped out of corporate and moved on.

The Revolutionaries

As a woman who graduated from college in 1979, I entered the work force filled with thoughts from the women’s rights revolution. Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan shaped the thoughts of my youthful mind. I believed we’d won and that women had equal opportunities. I sought work comparable to my male counterparts. I sought the same kinds of opportunities and often found myself working with some pretty rude competition. I was competing with the ghost of what I thought was right while there were hidden games that no one explained to me. It wasn’t even a glass ceiling. It was a barrier to getting off the starting block!

Not Knowing

The trouble was I didn’t realize what it was. Where I thought work was collaborative as it was in college team exercises, the work place was fraught with hidden competition. Often it takes a great manager to stand up to the bs. One coworker, Kristine, tried to convince my manager that I wasn’t ready to take on an assignment.  He told me all about it. She was playing games. I won that one because my manager was awesome! But I didn’t know it then as a competitive thing. Now I know better. Kristine saw me as competition.

Healing Insights. It’s that aha moment where you just get it. It can come easily and early on — or like today, this Healing Insight has comes to me so many years later I can’t count.

Todays Insight

Today’s insight comes from one ridiculous job at a major aircraft manufacturer. On the first day, I waited some 5 hours before the manager showed up. I’m not even sure why I waited that day. Nothing went well for this job. They stopped training early on day 2 of a 4-day plan. They just stopped. A coworker and I were mystified, but she had contacts in high places and arranged for an easy transfer.  I also learned how easy it was for the company to tweak a transfer to force a layoff. They suddenly transferred me elsewhere where I was the low girl on the totem pole and suddenly on the layoff block. I also learned that some management games include beefing up the headcount in anticipation of coming layoffs. Previously, my ranking had me safe while my lower ranked co-workers were 2 grades below me.  Heck, they never provided enough information to do my job. After the transfer, the people just played with me. First I was given a desk and assigned to be someone’s understudy. She was hardly interested in training me. She seemed to want to prove something. I never did figure out what the deal was, but if I asked a question about processes, she got pretty upset. I suspect she felt threatened. Or vindictive. It could have been a race thing just as easily as it could have been an unwillingness to do her job. She enjoyed walking around introducing me to her personal friends but was disinterested in transferring knowledge as she’d been assigned.

At first, I had a normal desk amidst the group, but suddenly that was taken away. I was moved to a back table terminal of sorts. My workspace consisted of a computer terminal with room for a cup of coffee to the right of my keyboard and about 10 inches of a shared table top to the left. I guess it would be tolerated if others had the same kind of space, but it was just me in a room of many others. The weird thing about it was the location was next to the community coffee pot, so all kinds of people stopped to talk — including several managers. My manager didn’t like that one bit!!! Plus, I knew people in several other parts of the company who gave me great information.

The point is not the whining about a crap job with decent pay and benefits. I was glad for the stability but hated the job. Layoffs were coming but I wanted a transfer to where I’d worked in earlier days with good people with whom a mutual respect was shared. The point is the Healing Insights that hit me today.

The Signs of Energetic Combat

I suddenly saw that the woman who was assigned to train me and get me up to speed was purely focused on making me miserable. It was combat for her. I wonder.. can it be a war if one side doesn’t acknowledge the battle? It was the energetics that mattered. The world as I saw it should be collaborative, and it wasn’t. In that case, it was likely fueled by racial tension — black woman against white woman. And yes! It happens. But again, what matters is that we understand the energy behind it and do everything possible to keep ourselves free of the energetics involved.

When things go wrong, when everything has this odd feeling of ‘what the heck is really going on here’ and you start to feel crazy… it’s often not about you. It’s often an energetic thing. You feel it but you can’t put your finger on exactly what it is. You just know. It’s an empath thing. Being an Empath means you literally feel the energy around you. In those old days, I thought mind would win over emotion. I got that mindset from my Dad. But in reality — it was a bad energy and a bad gig. And Logic was telling me something completely opposite of my inner knowing. When your inner being screams opposite what logic indicates, listen up. 

It was a lesson of sorts. Today, I see that in each weird circumstance, there was an energy left over from it. Had I understood energetics and healing then, I would have found ways to protect my being from their toxicity. I would have also found ways to remove all residual energetics from my being before ever moving on. It’s not just in the mind — somehow the stress and tension of these weirdly invasive energies stays until we become aware, and choose to heal.

We Can’t Force the Healing … and Great Jobs Come and Go

I’ve had many great jobs. Life didn’t stop with this crazy situation. But from that moment, things were always kind of off. Today… Today… I get the healing insight that can change everything. That’s why the inner work is essential and deep.We never really know what we submerged until we are ready to heal from it. That’s the other big Healing Insight. We can’t force the healing. And when we recognize the energetic chords, we can remove them!

The good jobs were there. I had one manager who always challenged me to be better and gave me great guidance. Another boss welcomed ideas, wanted his staff to come up with solutions, and had no patience for those who sat back and waited to be told what to do.

Move Through Resistance

As we move through our resistance to true wealth, we end up seeing things differently. This morning, I was hit with a realization. For all of the good in my life, for all the wonderful people, places, things, accomplishments, there were many points where I could have used healing energetic knowledge to protect me from the toxic people who played me. Simple. I didn’t know. And I’m only now understanding that even these ancient experiences can leave threads of a connection — until we heal the energetic boundaries. And then…good things return, life is restored, abundance flows once more.

Healing Insights

Healing Messages: Come when you are ready

The messages come when we are ready to receive them.

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