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Light Easy Summer Meals – call for a end of summer special coaching session

Light Easy Summer Meals?   Oh yeah, you can. Ban the donuts. Toss out that cereal. Skip the Oatmeal. I never thought to question the typical American breakfast until I was on a tour in Isreal. Every breakfast was cucumber, tomato, and cheese with maybe a little bread.  And why not? During these hot summer days, a fresh and flavorful breakfast needs to be cold, light and refreshing.

Have you ever thought about how to make breakfast light, refreshing, and colorful? It’s been pretty hot here in the Pacific Northwest. So hot that I’m more likely to skip breakfast if there’s nothing refreshing. Oatmeal on a hot day just does not appeal.

Chopped Mediterranean Salad is filled with color, texture, and a light crunch.There’s just something about eating a bowlful of color and texture with a light snap on those hot days.
Add some crunch or add some protein, and you have a great start to a hot, sizzling day. And if like me, you make enough extra that you get to enjoy it for dinner too.

I showed one on my facebook page: @ramblinlambwellness
Here’s the original:

My twist on this Mediterranean Salad:
Chop up in similar sized bite-sized chunks:
Red Pepper
Red onion
Some Parsley
Add Feta Crumbles
sliced or chopped Calamata Olives
Chopped Avocado
Gabanzo or Pinto Bean
Can use Black Olives instead of Calamatas

Dress with
Lemon Juice
Olive Oil

It’s so good. And the colorful bowl makes for a happy, high vibration day.

Want more? There is so much to play with to create light easy summer meals. Thinking out of the box is great. Consider eating for fuel. Think about light easy ways to adopt your favorite meals. Save time by cooking once and cooking enough to create several meals. Roast a chicken or two, and prepackage some light combinations of vegetables. You’ll have a nice selection of homemade and prepackaged light easy meals at the ready.  It’s how we roll at the BeWellBistro. Keeping a stock of light easy meals starts with a bit of forethought. Check out our health coaching programs.

Have you ever just eaten something that made you smile? Felt a bit of a buzz? I mean the good kind of buzz when you just have a happy vibe and feel a bit of pep?
Have you ever noticed the colors and textures in your foods?
I was in a coaching circle where the coach claimed that her program would help people raise their vibration. The only thing that was not purely wish craft was the simplicity of cleaning up your diet. But she gave no tips, offered no real nutritional thought other than Clean Your Diet and do my meditations.

It’s so funny how easy it is. One simple little thing can tip your balance to a better food profile. For me, it’s often starting with plenty of fresh produce in the morning.
I don’t even mean a juice or smoothie anymore. I mean eat a bowl of vegetables or fruit. No one said you have to eat bread or cereal for breakfast. Pancakes? Haven’t had them in years. It’s a total misnomer.
Breakfast can be anything.

We no longer live in a world where we have to carb load for a full day’s energy like the hunters and farmers did. It is rare that anyone needs to eat like they are burning off thousands of calories before lunch.


The Circle Can Guide

This Circle of Life is a guide to balancing your life. A renewed you starts with a glance at what is before moving towards what will be.  Call for coaching sessions. I make it a fun exploration into possibilities. It starts with a simple conversation that can change your life. Coach Nancy 425-246-8685


Pull the Trigger: Emotional Triggers

Pull the Trigger: Emotional Triggers are like Firecrackers

Trigger points are those pain points when something ignites energy.  In bodywork, it’s a point on the body that when poked hurts like a lightening rod. In mental work, it’s that thing that happens and you are suddenly super upset, even angry.

The Trilogy of Body Mind Spirit must remain in Alignment!  Like an equilateral triangle, when any one part of us is out of alignment, all other angles are pulled on, stressed and tweaked to accommodate.  The goal of our work is to bring back into alignment our whole being.  

Slide1Bodywork Opens the Door for Emotional Release

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Caregivers Are Stressed? Really?

I received an article in my inbox this morning.

It leaves me convinced that we need to create a Foundation offering tangible systems to support caregivers. I read the article with hope there would be some guidance or tips. We know caregiving is more stressful when dealing with cognitive impairments. What / How to deal with it is the question!!! No one who is stressed finds value in being told they are stressed.

I cared for both of my parents and though they had different issues, everything was stressful. The worst part was I was in it alone. My sibling provided funding for Long Term Care insurance but beyond that didn’t help in their care until the last couple months of Mom’s life. That meant the responsibility — the emotional wear and drain were on me.

Fortunately, I was able to keep my contract work flowing and maintain a nice base income. I’m lucky — I was working on contracts but had already changed careers to be less time dependent and totally portable. I could work from anywhere — including their home or the hospital waiting rooms.

Stress doesn’t really describe the situation. It’s more like an ongoing responsibility that never gives you a break — and you are so in the moment that a fleeting emotional release is always eminent. But there is no break because you are on call all the time even if Mom is in a nice assisted living location.

It’s so easy to say Take Care of Yourself — but when friends and family say that to me as I care now for my chronically ill husband, I hear them say “You look tired and stressed; don’t forget to nurture yourself” and what I want to say to them is: “sure — would you maybe offer to help me with some stuff so that I can? telling me I look stressed is not helping at all”

Seriously — I am focused on building a foundation that helps the caregivers give care. There is so much more we can do instead of just saying: “You need to destress”

There is a growing trend to talking about this – but unless the disease is Alzheimers or Dementia, those caring for chronically ill with both physical and cognitive illness remain unheard.

Find a Quiet Moment

Find a Quiet Moment

This is the article referenced in the email. Just reading it makes me angry. It’s a no brainer. Talking about a problem does nothing to tangibly help those who could use a hand. AARP and United Hospital Fund article

Want the guide? Drop me a line and I’ll send it on over. No strings attached. I promise.

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Just uploaded some presentations

Hi fans, 

Hey, I just finished and uploaded some presentations. I’m experimenting with the best ways to upload and embed my slidedecks –so it’s appropriate that I try out, right? 

I just put this slide presentation together on reading the food labels  Want to look at it? I’d love to know what you see.  The forward arrow is small and underneath the slide show. I’m testing this system out. Hope it works seamlessly. 

 I welcome feedback. The presentation is free for now, so please enjoy, let me know if you have questions, and give a holler if you are ready to embark on a journey to health through coaching.