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Healing Insights and Life Lessons

IT’s TIME – time to heal with insights from the past.

Healing Insights come when they come. They come from a space of awareness and apparent random thoughts. You get a chance to heal energetically.
Healing Insights and Life Lessons from Woman Working in the 80’s is about releasing the toxic mess that came from hidden workplace agendas.

Healing Insights from a harsher world where
strong women were seen as a threat
when established systems players played women for fools.
and then we rose above this mad mindset.

Healing Insights

come when we need them. We must hear and understand without self-blame and without shame. Only then can we glean what was going on.  The truth is the truth and once we can accept it from a higher level of consciousness, we are freed from the grip of the past. That’s what we want. Freedom.

Healing insights may become a book. I don’t yet know. What I do know is I am not alone. This is for all the EMPATHS who strive to survive. This should have been collaborative and unifying and it became a weird culture of isolation amidst often ruthless and unexpected competition. No one talked about it. Empath women, in particular, struggled with ‘what is really going on?’ Most dropped out of corporate and moved on.

The Revolutionaries

As a woman who graduated from college in 1979, I entered the work force filled with thoughts from the women’s rights revolution. Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan shaped the thoughts of my youthful mind. I believed we’d won and that women had equal opportunities. I sought work comparable to my male counterparts. I sought the same kinds of opportunities and often found myself working with some pretty rude competition. I was competing with the ghost of what I thought was right while there were hidden games that no one explained to me. It wasn’t even a glass ceiling. It was a barrier to getting off the starting block!

Not Knowing

The trouble was I didn’t realize what it was. Where I thought work was collaborative as it was in college team exercises, the work place was fraught with hidden competition. Often it takes a great manager to stand up to the bs. One coworker, Kristine, tried to convince my manager that I wasn’t ready to take on an assignment.  He told me all about it. She was playing games. I won that one because my manager was awesome! But I didn’t know it then as a competitive thing. Now I know better. Kristine saw me as competition.

Healing Insights. It’s that aha moment where you just get it. It can come easily and early on — or like today, this Healing Insight has comes to me so many years later I can’t count.

Todays Insight

Today’s insight comes from one ridiculous job at a major aircraft manufacturer. On the first day, I waited some 5 hours before the manager showed up. I’m not even sure why I waited that day. Nothing went well for this job. They stopped training early on day 2 of a 4-day plan. They just stopped. A coworker and I were mystified, but she had contacts in high places and arranged for an easy transfer.  I also learned how easy it was for the company to tweak a transfer to force a layoff. They suddenly transferred me elsewhere where I was the low girl on the totem pole and suddenly on the layoff block. I also learned that some management games include beefing up the headcount in anticipation of coming layoffs. Previously, my ranking had me safe while my lower ranked co-workers were 2 grades below me.  Heck, they never provided enough information to do my job. After the transfer, the people just played with me. First I was given a desk and assigned to be someone’s understudy. She was hardly interested in training me. She seemed to want to prove something. I never did figure out what the deal was, but if I asked a question about processes, she got pretty upset. I suspect she felt threatened. Or vindictive. It could have been a race thing just as easily as it could have been an unwillingness to do her job. She enjoyed walking around introducing me to her personal friends but was disinterested in transferring knowledge as she’d been assigned.

At first, I had a normal desk amidst the group, but suddenly that was taken away. I was moved to a back table terminal of sorts. My workspace consisted of a computer terminal with room for a cup of coffee to the right of my keyboard and about 10 inches of a shared table top to the left. I guess it would be tolerated if others had the same kind of space, but it was just me in a room of many others. The weird thing about it was the location was next to the community coffee pot, so all kinds of people stopped to talk — including several managers. My manager didn’t like that one bit!!! Plus, I knew people in several other parts of the company who gave me great information.

The point is not the whining about a crap job with decent pay and benefits. I was glad for the stability but hated the job. Layoffs were coming but I wanted a transfer to where I’d worked in earlier days with good people with whom a mutual respect was shared. The point is the Healing Insights that hit me today.

The Signs of Energetic Combat

I suddenly saw that the woman who was assigned to train me and get me up to speed was purely focused on making me miserable. It was combat for her. I wonder.. can it be a war if one side doesn’t acknowledge the battle? It was the energetics that mattered. The world as I saw it should be collaborative, and it wasn’t. In that case, it was likely fueled by racial tension — black woman against white woman. And yes! It happens. But again, what matters is that we understand the energy behind it and do everything possible to keep ourselves free of the energetics involved.

When things go wrong, when everything has this odd feeling of ‘what the heck is really going on here’ and you start to feel crazy… it’s often not about you. It’s often an energetic thing. You feel it but you can’t put your finger on exactly what it is. You just know. It’s an empath thing. Being an Empath means you literally feel the energy around you. In those old days, I thought mind would win over emotion. I got that mindset from my Dad. But in reality — it was a bad energy and a bad gig. And Logic was telling me something completely opposite of my inner knowing. When your inner being screams opposite what logic indicates, listen up. 

It was a lesson of sorts. Today, I see that in each weird circumstance, there was an energy left over from it. Had I understood energetics and healing then, I would have found ways to protect my being from their toxicity. I would have also found ways to remove all residual energetics from my being before ever moving on. It’s not just in the mind — somehow the stress and tension of these weirdly invasive energies stays until we become aware, and choose to heal.

We Can’t Force the Healing … and Great Jobs Come and Go

I’ve had many great jobs. Life didn’t stop with this crazy situation. But from that moment, things were always kind of off. Today… Today… I get the healing insight that can change everything. That’s why the inner work is essential and deep.We never really know what we submerged until we are ready to heal from it. That’s the other big Healing Insight. We can’t force the healing. And when we recognize the energetic chords, we can remove them!

The good jobs were there. I had one manager who always challenged me to be better and gave me great guidance. Another boss welcomed ideas, wanted his staff to come up with solutions, and had no patience for those who sat back and waited to be told what to do.

Move Through Resistance

As we move through our resistance to true wealth, we end up seeing things differently. This morning, I was hit with a realization. For all of the good in my life, for all the wonderful people, places, things, accomplishments, there were many points where I could have used healing energetic knowledge to protect me from the toxic people who played me. Simple. I didn’t know. And I’m only now understanding that even these ancient experiences can leave threads of a connection — until we heal the energetic boundaries. And then…good things return, life is restored, abundance flows once more.

Healing Insights

Healing Messages: Come when you are ready

The messages come when we are ready to receive them.

As a life coach, I can help people raise their vibration, become aware, and tap into their inner wisdom.

As an integrative health coach, I can bring you to this space of healthy insights that guide you to your true wealth. is where the health coaching starts. We work together and make it easy and fun.

Attraction Action and effortless ease

Attraction Action isn’t about doing. It’s about being. It’s about focusing on joy, on happiness, on things that make us feel alive. All this talk of the Law of Attraction seems kind of silly in that we all inherently KNOW what makes us happy is what is supposed to be good. And if we find things that bring joy – that sense of vibrancy, we are called to pursue them. The Attraction Action is about inaction. Or inattention. For if we simply focus on what feels healthy and good and makes us smile then we are already focused on the Law of Attraction. Yes?

Attraction Action

Attraction Action: Effortless Ease can be real

Is not the Law of Attraction really about mind management? In my NLP training we focus on reprogramming the brain. We learned techniques to rewire the brain as if it was the great communications center that programs our being. Reframing beliefs means resetting. I’ve overcome much by doing just that. But the money thing? Somehow, it didn’t fall into the Laws. Why?

Other people told me things that I failed to recognize as ‘their blocks’ but that they weren’t mine. I took it on. When a job that I hated went away, instead of feeling excited about all the new opportunities, I heard the shaming and felt bad. That feeling bad led to FUD. Instead of using the Attraction Action plan, I used the FUD plan. I blocked my energy field with my own inner fight against believing their fears. Their fears became my own.

Focus on things that feel good and leave the rest out of the equation!!!!

I know when that stopped for me. So how does one block out the family patterns of negativity and return to what feels good?

They return to thoughts of happiness flowing such as dancing. Such as being. Such as just living life in ways that are filled with joy. It matters not that things aren’t what you want today. What matters is how you stay focused on the truth. The truth of who you are. The truth of what you want. The truth!

Things stop working for me when I let other people’s stinking thinking, negative “you can’ts, you aren’t good enoughs, or you aren’t qualifieds, or you just aren’t enoughs” or worse — ” you just aren’t welcome here” into my thoughts. And if one thought like that leads to blockage and then I hear over and over other people saying same things…I block up the flow.

If I understand the Law of Attraction correctly, it does not matter what has happened in the past. What matters is that I continue to focus on joy now. I continue to feed and nurture myself with thoughts of abundance now. I nurture the notion that there is gold dust everywhere for me and I am open to receive.

That’s the Attraction Action.
It does not mean inaction. It’s actually a lot of work. And the more I work on this, the better I feel The more you work on this the better you feel. The better you feel, the better life gets.
It does not mean do nothing and expect the world to be handed to you. It means do what you feel called to do and do it with mindfulness of spirit. Mindfulness of seeking, seeing, and receiving opportunities.

The Attraction Action is not just stupidly walking around being happy. It’s not empty words of encouragement to others. It’s finding that point of attraction magic where you are warm and you share your warmth with others. That is the Attraction Action — the warm light of hope, the warm light of happy confidence where you dance with life and feel vibrant and empowered. It does not come from hot air like over confidence. It comes from nurturing yourself into truly believing with unshakable love for yourself that you can, you will, you are!

Yes, we are in a transitory place. The economy is the economy. Our age is our age. We can’t fight that. What we can do is practice the Attraction Action.
And you know what? It’s not really about money at all.  It’s about true wealth.

A friend introduced me to an author and in the first few pages, I was glued. This work made the whole Law of Attraction both clear and unnecessary. I love listening to the work, but in Ms. Ponder’s writing came a different kind of clarity.

Change takes time – call today for a personalized program that’s all about you

Change takes time!
So you want to lose that weight? And you want to regain your strength? Or get flexible? Or maybe you are just tired of hurting all the time, aching, feeling stuffed? Maybe you just want to feel lighter and enjoy moving. Or you want to start looking great again.

Look: It took you a while to get where you are. So stop expecting overnight change.  Stop thinking you can lose 20 pounds a day! Stop torturing yourself with crazy expectations that just because you went off sugar for a week you will turn it all around. And please, stop beating yourself up because on day 8 you succumbed to the call of a cookie.

My new hair stylist tells me her hubby goes to a weight loss program. It’s expensive she says, but for $3000 he gets help losing weight, learning how to cook, learning how to live healthfully. While he is happily preparing whole clean foods, she can’t have her sweet treats in the house. She can’t even eat with him.

Guess what?
With the BeWellBistro plan, you get to make change fun! You get to have fun, lose weight and feel great as you make change matter.

breakfast isn’t boring anymore

You don’t need to spend $3000 for 10 months of food talks. You don’t do weekly meetings weighing in and scrutinizing your daily menu. If you buy packaged foods, it won’t be forced on you as the only way to do this. I might recommend some things, like my Univera Products or my favorite Bone Broth. but I’m just as happy sharing amazing recipes and teaching you to cook like a chef.  No boxed meals, baby.

All you need to do is decide right now that you really want to feel better. Not just lighter, but vibrant, happy, and positive. Yes, I can teach you to manage your moods, change your attitudes, and elevate your happiness. If that’s sounding good, just call me.

Change takes time. Diets don’t work. Spend more or your money on good food and education. Spend less on gimmicks and get rich quick schemes. You don’t need gimmicks — you need to find your true pathway to health. Retraining your brain to like healthy foods is only part of the solution. You don’t have to do it alone and you don’t need to blow the vacation budget either.

As your Integrative Health Coach, my goal is to help you recreate yourself for lasting health and high vibrational living. It’s not just food. It’s a balance. And it’s essentially the same concept that they taught at the Mayo’s Integrative Wellness consultation. Yep — it’s not even rocket science. But it takes time and commitment. The best way is to make one change at a time – but be committed to it 100%.  And that’s where my personalized coaching comes to be your most valued trick in the book.

Why do you need a health mentor? Your doctors will tell you what you need to do. Your spouse might just tell to lose weight. Your buddies will razz you until you succumb and drink that ‘one more’ beer or indulge in that cheesecake.  While they are doing their ‘job’, what you really need is that extra conscience. That voice in your head isn’t enough sometimes — you need a friend you can count on. That friend is your bridge to help you cross over to the healthy side of life.

Like the first little bloom — fighting our way through the cold and dark ..

Seriously, it’s become a big thing in our daily lives to have mentors for everything. When I grew up, it was ‘figure it out kid’, not here let me guide you.
With me on your team, you get that guiding spark that leads you down your path. What’s different about a health mentor?  We work on your personal life circle, spoke by spoke. We craft out a new you, together. You talk. I ask leading questions. We investigate, explore, and move you forward. And when the shit hits the fan, as it always does, I’m right there to get you back on track.

I invite you to change. I invite you to indulge in an individualized program based on YOU. From my school, we call it BioIndividuality — every human being is slightly different. No one program works for everyone.  So — Call today to start on yours!  It’s all about you.  425-246-8685

That’s why I’m still alive, folks. There are many points when it could have been a different ending.

My turning points:
I’ve been there. I’ve been heavy at 149 and I’ve been 98 pounds skinny. I grew up getting chastised for gaining even 3 pounds.  I’ve done lot’s of drugs and I’ve smoked 2 packs a day. And I’ve been an outdoor enthusiast who loves to move all my life.  I would run 8 miles and then light up. I’d drink at night and get up early to sweat it out. I’ve lost jobs, lost loves, lost friends and family… I’ve had good years, I’ve had horrible decades. Navigating life is about knowing yourself and having a strategy for long lasting health.

It wasn’t until I realized how much I can help you that I started pulling it together. My path started making sense. See – my life has far too many twists and turns to make into a pretty story. I had much pain to hide from and all the compulsive behavior was about a lifelong battle with self-esteem issues.  We all do weird stuff as we learn to love ourselves. And then it happens.

The minute we start to believe we are more important, have more value, have more worth — and that there is a reason we are who we are — from that moment, life starts changing. Sure we must have something to move forward to — but when one is dedicated, magic happens.

There are many twists and turns.  Extreme stress requires extreme self-care. Maybe just daily living requires constant extreme self-care.

Change comes by accepting what is

Inviting you to change

I haven’t always been a health nut. Even when I started out, I wasn’t perfect.
At 18, I made a choice… I didn’t want to wait until retirement to be healthy. I gave up bad habits. I chose to eat good foods and limit junk. I built an exercise program from scratch without the help of a trainer or even a gym. I changed what, when, and how I ate. And for years, I still lit up a cigarette far too many times a day.

Then someone died. Then another and another. Within 3 years, 7 people close to me died, 6 from cancer. Three of these dear ones were under 50!!~!
Precious loved ones were dying around me and I kept smoking…until Jerry S. had a return of cancer. That was it. I’ll never forget. I was at his memorial, and I just decided. That was a rough year. But losing Jerry turned a key.
It wasn’t easy to change at that age. It never is… but I really didn’t remember a time in my adult life without a cigarette handy. That was over 25 years of cigarettes as a fake and dangerous friend.

Yes, You CAN! If I can, you can! And I will teach you all my tricks!

Do you really want to stop smoking? Are you ready?

Do you really want to lose weight – or do you want to accomplish some other health goal?

I realize now that what I’d done was create the cornerstone of my practice by quitting smoking. There is much internal work to do to get you from thinking you are ready to really being ready. And if you give me 45 days, you can kick start your new life. And of course, you can sign on for ongoing coaching. But let’s get this show moving forward first. What I can teach you in 45 days can become your cornerstone to a new life.

It’s the same thing with any bad habit. In particular, the food problem.  You’ve got to get to the root reason that you continue to eat what you know you shouldn’t and find the pay off. There is always one – and in our work together, you learn all about hidden hook. for continuing on the road you follow before you will cross over a bridge to happier, healthier living. I’ve watched a man drop 60 pounds, be so thrilled and happy. I’ve witnessed a family lose 110 pounds. And another woman went from 350 to 120 and is a monster at cross fit. If they can, you can shed some excess weight. Why WAIT?

We work together through your ultimate transition and beyond. We keep you on track for a lifetime of lasting change.  And the truth is, I am your guide but YOU are the reason you are doing this. Because YOU are worth it. No quick fix, and no sudden change — but a lifetime of living well.

There are many roads to cross. Some of those roads have locked gates keeping you stuck. The key is within your reach.  That plan won’t be to eat clean 100% — that’s a set up for failure.

Listen to me: I tried that. I went overboard, actually. I was 25 and recovering from a lost job. I found a new one, but I felt amiss. As I mastered my work, I obsessed about every calorie. And not just what I ate. I obsessed about what I burned. Nothing entered my mouth that was not counted. I could tell you exactly how many calories it took to burn off everything I ate. Yeah, I looked great for a while. Then I was down to 98 pounds, I wore a size 0, my skin was taught, I looked like I was starving … and I still counted calories.  Only my uncle had the grace to mention it. No one should do that! Ever!

Once again, I made a new commitment. Reasonable was not obsessive. It was ok to not be a skinny me. I wanted to feel great and have fun, live life fully, and embrace the authentic me. Starvation was not on that menu.

You see many who just keep doing the same thing until literally scared to death. Something major happens. For me, I’ve had many awakenings over my lifetime. True Health begins with a desire to be your best. To get there, you have to learn to love yourself.

For most of my clients, it’s about retraining the brain. That’s why I integrate several modalities to help you arm yourself with all that you need.
You get support. You get knowledge. You get tools. And you get to learn to relax and reprogram your thinking.

These are things I help people work through. In our private coaching, what you get is a chance to really learn about you. I’ve worked with clients using a variety of tools: Visualization, Writing, Meditation, Light Trance (NLP) and rock solid dietary advice coming from studies in hundreds of dietary theory. I use my education in nutrition, adult learning, yoga, recreation, and writing to help you craft your personalized life plan for healthy living.

Don’t pay those guys with the cute logo and fun advertising. Just because the radio announcer is screaming about how he lost weight, it doesn’t mean it’s a plan for YOU in your life. How many other times did that same radio head scream about other weight loss programs? They sell you. You buy. You lose 10 – 20 – 30 pounds, and then you get off the path, fall into old ways, and wonder why you paid them. But you also blame yourself.

Let’s just stop this nonsense.

Call me! I’ll help.
call today for a personalized program that’s all about you

Oh — here’s more on my health coaching website too: RamblinLambWellness – Nancy’s Coaching Programs

Disclaimer: Nothing is free. If only I had trees of money. But hey, my rates are determined based on quality education, knowledge, professional resources, and a lifetime of work. Not gonna say it’s free, but it’s your life and YOU are worth it.

Care Partners Life

Love. Love what matters. Love what is real. Don’t feed the fear monsters… I rally because I’m tired. I rally because too many times, I’ve tried to talk with friends and ended up feeling worse not better. Care Partnering means doing what I can to help my partner – my husband. It means we work together for better living. We team up. We work through it together.  Simple thought. Better Words.

I’m tired of hearing:
“You do too much for him. You should make him do that. Why can’t he do that? Why are you doing that for him? You need to take care of yourself! Why don’t you just stop doing stuff for him? Let him do it himself. He just needs to buck up and fight for his life. He just needs to push himself harder ”  And frankly, the next people who offer this kind of advice may not like the responses I give next.

It’s abundantly clear to us. Isn’t it to you? All this kind of judgemental advice does is make the person who says it feel better. The FACT is this kind of ill advice takes away the energy and the focus needed to help a loved one.

Being a Care Partner is different. Care Partnering leaves the person whole. Care Partnering empowers. Care Partnering is a better label. For I am no longer a caregiver. I don’t show up, help, and go home to my family. I don’t get paid barely minimum wage to do what I do. I don’t handle hygiene, medication, or other things that a CNA would do.

Care Partnering is a combination of things – financial, medical coordination, insurance, legal, household, estate, food, shopping, phone calling, scheduling, managing everything but the basic ADL’s. (activities of daily living, in case you haven’t heard that one yet.)

As a Care Partner, my role doesn’t change a bit. I still do what I do. Most couldn’t do it. But I am no caregiver.

365 Days of Self-Nurturing

Self-Nurturing – 365 Days

Self-Nurturing is My Journey back! 

Self-Nurturing is listening

The message lies within

A Journey Back to Self is 365 Days of Self-Nurturing, Self-Loving, Self-Awareness. It’s just time. This is the beginning. It’s the time of year when people make resolutions and buy little daily guides. 365 days of Self-Nurturing is my attempt to help caregivers journey with me. In self-help groups across the land, people have little daily readers that serve as their serenity guides. In self-help groups, we learn to self-nurture. In other words, we don’t rely on others outside of us to do what is only ours to do. I’ve found that caregiver’s needs something a bit different. This is the twist as 365 Days of Self-Nurturing is one older woman’s quest for relighting a flame that serves as guide and mentor. This is the key to nurturing. A Daily program from self-caring — for if we don’t do for ourselves, it’s not going to get done.  I’m all I’ve got when it comes to taking care of me. This is for me. And for all caregiver’s. It is my hope that anyone who thinks they have reached the end of their life rope that they find my words helpful to just keep going.

Self-Nurturing is not Selfishness — it is a healthy self-centered way to give to others. 

This is my 2016 Project – to restore, renew, reawaken. To rebuild. To become again

“the Me that I want to be”  Read More→

Goal Setting or Effective Action

Goal Setting Day 2016.

January 1, 2016. It’s almost here. The big day when we all start talking about Goal Setting and New Years Resolutions. Do you still do it? Publicly claim your new year’s resolution?  Goal Setting or Effective Action Planning — introducing a new way to change your mindset and really achieve results

I propose you do it differently this year. Make it an Effective Action Map — a circular process that takes you from dream to vision, to obliterating the blocks, to asking solution based questions, identifying what is in your toolkit, creating an effective plan, taking action, knowing how you will feel when you reach you have achieved, and finally celebrating your success.  

It matters not how big or how small the goal is. What matters is that you learn this strategy for acheiving real results.  

On my new page,  I demonstrate the value of circular mapping to success.  Take a look. I’d love to hear what you think. I know it looks like a fun diagram, but I am proof that it works. 

The Effective Action Model Read More→

Mindful Manifestation: THINK

Mindful Manifestation: THINK  

It’s not about whether you can or whether you deserve. WE all deserve the best.  We all have talents and skills and can learn new ways. When people start reading about manifesting more, they are really saying they want to change. They want to grow. They want better. Right?  

Your thinking is what needs to change! Mindful Manifesting is about how you retrain your brain is where you begin. Letting go isn’t simply blocking and stuffing old emotions. In NLP, we teach reframing. My favorite exercise was so powerful my colleagues were concerned.  The exercise changed me forever.

It’s a matter of reframing the past to create a better future. 
Get yourself into a deeply relaxing state. In your mind’s eye, you begin to walk along a golden pathway, walking towards the new view.  The pathway is lined with a purple shoulder and you gently release  all that no longer serves you: memories, beliefs, people… everything that you wish to leave behind as you climb the golden street up to your viewtop castle.  As you climb higher, you feel lighter. As you take each step, you see and begin to feel that you are now free to manifest all that you want. Begin to see yourself as you will be when you reach your goals. Begin to embrace the new, lighter you.
Feel the grace as you leave behind those things that no longer serve. If they are people, let them go with love and tenderness. If it is a mindset of lack, thank it for protecting you, and tell it that you no longer need it’s protection. If it’s a tangible thing, thank it for it’s service.  Love these things you are letting go, and thank them, and say goodbye. For it is time to welcome the new you.  And you now thank these things for their service and also thank them for being willing to let go of you. You’ve now made room for your new life; your new way.  So you gently return to the present moment, knowing this is real. 

It’s all in how you think and perceive. 

 My friend and mentor, Amanda Moxley, talks often about getting over your many drama.  Amanda likes to say “Just f’n Do It”  and she’s right. JFDI  is the mantra I used to use to drive myself forward and sometimes drive everybody else crazy.  That is because this is because I pushed and pushed and pushed even harder. I didn’t slow down, I didn’t freeze, I didn’t look at the blocks that needed to be busted apart, smashed to smithereens and obliterated in my mind.  

We used to say if you can if you can see it, and you can believe it, then you can achieve it.   I had trouble believing for years.  sometimes I still do.  The thing is, we all have internal blocks & mental stuff that  needs either releasing or revising before we can ever reach our brilliant and beautiful true self.  And to reach our brilliance, we must find the way to release in order to receive. 

The GOLDEN KEY is daily insurgence  of mindfully choosing what we put in our minds.  We must read about success, about transformation, about allowing ourselves to receive. We must read about real people and how they managed to elevate their beliefs. It is a daily focus on some simple yet powerful things: 

What you fill your mind with becomes what you attract.  Drastic Measures are called for. What you read and what you watch on tv and movies enters your sub conscious. You must watch and read about inspiring things, not death and murder. Turn off the TV and Don’t Read the News.  Focus on prosperity, manifesting, attracting that which you want.  Rewiring your Self-Belief system

Books and Videos – Daily reading of classics and new thought on manifesting

Daily Meditation

Forgiveness – of self and others

God Consciousness infused into everything

Creative Visualization

Healing Your Money Drama 

Heal Your Inner Child and Outsource the Babysitter

Power Foods and Nutrition 

Daily Fitness

Getting Over Your Addictions — this is a big one. You can’t own your success while you practice your downfall. Too many fail because they fail to recover the lost soul. 

Yeah – it sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it?  But one chunk at a time is all you have to focus on.  Just one chunk at a time. 

Compile your own power book list.  

Compile your own daily meditation focus points.

Start every day with a deep connection to the universal truth: You are loved. God is love and you are loved. 

The Weight Creep – from here to obesity

Yep. It could be you. It could  be me.  

Turns out there is a ridiculous change to our overall health epidemic. Just out in the news today is this:  More than TWO THIRDS  — 2/3 — of Americans are Obese, not just overweight. 

How did it come to this?  Is it really that bad?  Look at your corporate campus. Look at Microsoft, or Boeing employees. The ones you see walking into their offices. The ones who work from home.  It’s not about laziness. It’s not about ‘just not liking to exercise’.  

Well, first here’s proof that we are where we are: Science Proves that over 2/3 Americans are Obese

The numbers don’t matter. What matters is that we have become a sedentary, lackadaisical society and it’s become so much the norm it is acceptable. Instead of just a few .. ahem.. fat people, we are faced with an epidemic.  Now, I hate to sound mean. I hate to sound arrogant, mean-spirited, or hostile. And I’m certainly not prejudiced. It’s just that this bothers me to no end. There is no excuse. Only choices.  And though I was the last person to expect others to follow me in the 70’s as I gave up my bad habits, I am the first person to now say that you really don’t have a choice. Stay fat or die.  It’s no longer just a lifestyle choice. It’s almost a death wish.  

I don’t know how many people read this. I don’t know who is going to be offended. But here is what I ask of you.  A simple question, with a hard answer.  Are you ready? 

I’m not going to ask you to try my diet, or my workout program. I’m not even going to tell you what to eat or not eat. The only thing that matters at this point is this:  Read More→

The Laughter Doctor: Bernie Siegel, MD


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Laughter truly is the best medicine. Second is Acceptance, followed by Love. THEN one can start the rebirthing process. Sometimes, you have to let go of everything you know.

I was fortunate to sit in on a lecture by the famed laughing doctor, Bernie Siegel, MD. I only wish he still practiced, but he was quite helpful about exploring solutions for the husband. Long before we had a diagnosis, we had an altering hopeful / despair game going on in our heads. As I listened to the man who introduced laughter to medicine and warmed the hearts of many, I remembered. Read More→

Kill Your Cold: Focus on Immunity Boosters

Kill your cold by improving your immunity, power up the strength of your immune system and change your mindset. If you don’t resonate with those who have a cold, you have a better chance of avoiding it.  Not sure why, but it’s always a part of the case. Think yourself healthy. 

There’s a bunch of stuff everyone thinks works. There’s old school, new school, and everything in between. My plan of attack remains the same:
Lots of fluids and lots of rest. Mild exercise. Avoid getting chilled. High Vitamin C and D3. Lot’s of citrus. Home made chicken soup. LemonGrass Soups and LemonGrass Ginger teas.



Cold killer juices:
The Original Blood Cleanser via Nature’s Pantry recipe: Red Beets, Carrots, Lemons, Apple, Garlic, Ginger and Tumeric

Clean Green: Parsley, spinach, cucumber, celery, lemon, lime, apple or pear, cilantro, and add some garlic as an antibiotic

High C: Orange, Lemon, lime, pineapple, celery, cucumber

Seems to me the only way through a cold is through a cold. But when you infuse yourself – your cells – with a top quality flood of nutrient dense anti-inflammatory, antibiotic natural foods int eh form of a juice, you enhance your immune system so much that you can avoid the cold or kill it before it kills you.

Off to the store I go. I’ve got to not be sick. One in the house is enough, thank you.