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Just uploaded some presentations

Hi fans, 

Hey, I just finished and uploaded some presentations. I’m experimenting with the best ways to upload and embed my slidedecks –so it’s appropriate that I try out, right? 

I just put this slide presentation together on reading the food labels  Want to look at it? I’d love to know what you see.  The forward arrow is small and underneath the slide show. I’m testing this system out. Hope it works seamlessly. 

 I welcome feedback. The presentation is free for now, so please enjoy, let me know if you have questions, and give a holler if you are ready to embark on a journey to health through coaching. 


You Can Change Your Mind

I sense a huge pendulum swinging and seeking it’s midpoint.
Clearly – the gist of health coaching is really about being a change agent. A guide that helps people move into their true self. And that tends to start with food and diet — but always leads to “How to Change Your Mind”

Here’s a bit of my story — I’ve had a lot of oddly hard things to overcome. Most of us do, but when I tell my story I hear things like: “Oh, my. Well you sure have a lot of courage and tenacity to move through that so well” “Wow — how did you survive” … Yes, sadly some was rather ugly and frightening.

Let’s just say that Junior High was BRUTAL but the real damage was the stinking thinking that resulted from it. The lack of support led to some pretty negative self beliefs.

We watched a repeat of Grey’s Anatomy last night. Alex said, after listing a litany of bad endings to relationships: “I must be damaged goods or something”.

I used to believe that way. I used to feel it so deep in my core that there was no way out. Everything always fell apart. It takes a mental detox to restore you to your right self.  Then it takes more work to keep feeding your  mind with healthy habits. 

It isn’t courage to me. It’s a choice. And often, I succumb to the darkness for a while.

The challenge is the silver lining. When seemingly stuck, ask yourself how well aligned you are with your true self? Or are you buying into the negativity of the past or other people’s bull? Has someone else’s negative judgement of you somehow entered into your consciousness?

The quick fix that might take a daily effort for the rest of your life:

How many times, how often has it been proven that a power greater than yourself (some call it God) has restored and uplifted you to a better place.