CFS / ME and Viral Infectons

I won’t go into details. Just thought I’d share what I hear from the expert on Integrative Medicine:

“CFS/ME often come on after another medical event such as surgery, accident, influenza but Herpes viruses and Epstein Barr seem to be a common trigger. There is no point in testing for them. ½ of people have a positive test for past infection of EBV by age 5. CFS/ME is not caused by the medical events/infections, it is the body’s reaction to the infection.  This is the complicated part is that genetics may play a role because if one identical twin gets CFS/ME, the other twin’s chance is 55% but only 18% for fraternal twins.  The infection is usually long gone by the time the person has CFS/ME.   Also, there is no treatment for them.  The antiviral trials have been negative. ”

Arizona MD

The bottom line kids — stop chasing ghosts.