CFS / ME and the Microbiome approach

This has bugged me for a while. With all the trials and false hope running amok, I finally reached out to my expert on this issue.

The gut microbiome is a popular topic. Everyone is on a kick to include pre and probiotics in the diet in order to restore healthy bacteria. Think of is as similar to eating yogurt when prescribed an anti biotic. But this goes farther than that.   While many are making un proven claims that the gut microbiome has curing properties for a wide variety of things, I reached out to my expert panel and asked them for thoughts on the matter.

This free information came from a widely acclaimed and hugely respected institution — and the medical director who willingly and freely answers questions. Yes, I said FREE.   His response to a burning question I’ve had for months came within 24 hours of my query:

“The gut microbiome is a hot topic these days from inflammation to depression, to autoimmune disease, irritable bowel, etc.   No one has the answer or come up with a probiotic that consistently helps CFS/ME. There may be people who feel better from a probiotic because they had a particularly bad bunch of bacteria in the gut but that is not the issue in a majority of patients.”