Copy for Caregiving

I swear it’s not my passion — and yet it’s all that comes up lately. 

Baby Boomers getting older. Friends suddenly all asking me for help or advice taking care of their parents. People want to know how to juggle life when life seems to crumble apart. Others want to know the best ways to care for themselves while handling the demands of caregiving.  

It’s time we face it. People need to know what to do when.  People need to know how to navigate the unclear waters of caregiving. 

And they don’t have time to wait a month or dig through countless websites looking for simple answers. 

I’m a copywriter. I write content and information used to promote, inspire, and instruct. 

I am a well trained writer, experienced health coach, business owner, corporate content writer, and not by choice, i seem to be a highly experienced caregiver. First my aunt, then my parents, now my spouse. I have the knowledge and education to help others and that is just what I am going to do. 

If your organization wants ghost written articles, by lined articles, fundraising letters, caregivers resource articles — I’m your gal. 
If you want a whole new website, I’m it, baby. 
If you need an ongoing blogger, tweeter, social media rock star — I can do that too. 

I do not love this stuff — I live this stuff. So if you need help, it might even be writing a grant application, or reseraching services available — or it might be designing training for your company — I’m it. 

Available for projects starting now!