Daily Food

Hi everyone,

Seems to me there are a lot of diet dictators around. You read over and over again. Do this diet. Do this cleanse. Challenge time: Join me for a Cleanse…..

Diets are always a hot topic. Everyone wants a quick fix for a lifetime challenge. 

Diet: It’s not a gimmick. A diet is what you eat. You’ve heard people go ON a diet, but do they enjoy lasting lifetime results? Probably not. 

I watch, I read, I learn. 

Here’s the deal: 

If you eat fresh, healthy, locally grown foods when you are hungry, and you avoid the 7 deadly food sins, you will improve your lifestyle. As you make certain changes, you feel better. You start to feel more energy. So you move more. You think better. You find yourself more aware of personal patterns. And you start to change things. The more you make healthy changes, the healthier you become. 

It happens over a time period. If you are diligent about making healthy choices MOST of the time, you find you reach health goals almost effortlessly. 

Daily Food:

If you eat simply, purely, and avoid packaged stuff, you will get best results. 

Watch your portion sizes. If it’s bigger than the palm of your hand, it’s probably more than you need. 

If you know it won’t rot, then you know it’s got more preservatives than are healthy for you. (Think about how artisan bread lasts versus a loaf of generic bread) 

If you can grow it, it’s good for you.

Frozen is better than canned. 

Again, diets don’t work, extremes don’t last.