Daily Soul Support

What’s that? Soul Support? 

Well, many shy away from the word spiritual but everyone gets that taking care of oneself includes nurturing one’s spirit. Or soul. 

In 12 step programs, they say: Seek to improve our  conscious contact with the higher power of our understanding.  What this means to me is to focus daily on my quest to improve my personal relationship with my essence, my spirit, or my understanding of a power greater than me. 

What that might mean to you is different but the bottom line: For total health, this is crucial. 

Daily Meditation

Daily Yoga

Daily Silence

Daily Visioning

Part of my mission for the Bistro is to lead people to find their center, their power point, their connection with that which makes them whole. 

It’s not just eating and exercise, we have to address our internal core being. For if we don’t, we too easily chase other peoples dreams and plans and ignore our own.