Diet Time Again? Heck No!

Everywhere we look, its all talk about diets, cleanses, losing weight, getting active. It’s that time again. Gyms are overflowing, people are signing up for classes, workouts, boot camps, and on and on….for the next 3 – 4 weeks, maybe 6, the providers of healthy lifestyle are swamped.

What’s your gig? You want to get moving?
You want to lose weight?

Whatever it is you are about to be bombarded with tips . Most contradict each other.

One Pinterest board shows tips and tricks for losing weight, powering your metabolism, 7 foods to avoid, 7 foods to eat, and about 8 juicy images of potato chips, french fries, onion rings, how to make candy cane vodka …..

It’s insane.

Follow me if you want to live long, feel vibrant, and love how you feel. It’s a simple process. It’s hard, it takes diligence, but not obsession.