Effective Action Modeling

Effective Action Modeling

It goes beyond planning. Effective Action Modeling goes far beyond road mapping. Effective Action Modeling creates a Circular Action Plan that engages your whole brain, takes you from conception to celebration. It leads you to end the itty bitty shitty committee that stops you in your tracks. Effective Action Modeling leads you into a dynamic and powerful process to achieve results.

Effective Action Modeling is the most effective mechanism to take your little goal and make it a huge achievement!

Yep – it’s that time where people start thinking Goals for the New Year. I ask you this: Do you want to learn a lifelong skill? Or do you want to set an elusive goal without a plan?  In the Effective Action Modeling mapping scenario, you do both. You are walking through a process that goes far beyond elusive goals. And while everyone else talks about their New Year Resolution, you are acting to manifest yours. Effective Action Modeling takes you beyond goal setting, far beyond road mapping, and into a whole brain mindset that leads you all the way to celebration.

Ever fall into that annual dream listing process where you write out New Year’s Resolutions only half-heartedly because you know you aren’t up for the task? You know what I mean:
Lose 40 pounds? Sure!
Stop smoking, drinking, lying, stealing, being mean
Start working out daily
Get a job, buy a house, lose a toxic relationship, do this do that don’t do it…

Yeah — sometimes that resolution thing is a joke! And sometimes, it’s exactly what you really want but you have no idea how  to really get it.

Here is a way to establish an effective map to believe and achieve the results you really want. Take it from me, if you really want it, and you can believe it, feel it, see it, and take continuous action, you can achieve anything. Part of your success is never giving up. Part is continued action. Part is the right kind of planning and mapping.  Engage both sides of your brain – -the creative and logical sides must work together.

There is so much depth to this model that it takes a private session to really dial it in — and then a lot of practice.  Play with it as you like, but if you want help reaching your goals, call me for a sample of how we engage both sides of the brain in a light state that will truly ignite your brain to fire up the desire and make it into a real acheivement.

Effective Action Model

Effective Action Model becomes a Circular Success Map ©Sunshine from the Accelerated Learning Company


How do I know it works?

My story can be somewhat complex. I’d been chasing (for years) after approval and acceptance from people in a certain system. The betrayal I’d felt when hit by the devastating blow of being shut out lit a raging fire for a while. Nearly ever decision was driven by the underscore of if I succeeded maybe they would accept me. The right job, the better pay, the better place to live…. on and on I chased. And that is the kind of motivation that sets you up for complete burn out.  Fighting to prove others wrong is a common reaction under certain circumstances. Finding myself again was a long arduous road of soul searching combined with constantly seeking a different path. The bottom line is it was a crazy-making situation and the betrayal was extreme.  What this meant was my goals were faulty and it was difficult to have a vision when the fog is so thick you can cut it.

I walked in a fog for a couple years. Found contract jobs, but had yet to find my place.  This kind of betrayal takes your identity away.  When life keeps dealing ridiculously hard blows you question yourself.  I didn’t realize how depressed I’d become, but I had lost my goals, lost my big dream, and felt … well, horrible.  I walked in a fog, had simplistic goals, and no clear idea of where I wanted to go with life after that.
It was a dark time. I was falling apart. I couldn’t find a steady job. I’d been ejected and excluded from a system that had meant the world to me. I found it hard to set goals. I lost my center. I lost myself  – who was I if I wasn’t a part of my that family system?  I found it hard to see the future. It was often hard to get through a day. I needed a lifeline!

Enter Sunshine!

I was on a local online listserve and a guy named Sunshine posted an invitation to the first 25 people to attend their Accelerated Learning class for FREE. At the time, I was learning more computer skills. I thought the way to my salvation would be to force myself into technology. I needed to learn faster and retain the information. This class promised to teach that.  I got in!

This class taught exactly what was promised. Memory tools, reading retention, and goal setting — but in a dynamic and dramatic way. While I went to enhance my memory, what I use most readily now is this effective action model.  Sunshine based his class on the works of Colin Rose, the master in accelerated learning.  Here’s a bit more information if you want to deep dive: What is Accelerated Learning

I was a broken specimen of a human at that time. My core beliefs burned. I needed something to ignite a new belief system.  I had to start small. A simple goal: A good job that made me feel worthwhile again.

The models presented were ingrained in our minds using NLP – NeuroLinguistic Programming methodology. Not only did I find a Project Management Job within 30 days of this class, but my passion for NLP was reawakened. I’d first heard of it when selling Real Estate. At the time, I thought of it as a sales manipulation ploy — which it can be. But through Sunshine, I realized the therapeutic coaching value.

The tangible results that came directly from this model: Job in 30 days that led to a 15-year career; Certified in NLP by two organizations and sanctioned by Bandler, Marriage, Home Ownership, healed relationship with myself, web site design company, writing career, freelance businesses…

It works so well I’d love to share it with you. If you are interested in learning more – learning to retrain your brain – give me a call. I promise — no manipulative games here at all. Just the tools that will give you a life-long model to succeed on your personal terms.

Feel free to click and download this pdf version: Effective Action Model

And give me a call: First 30 minute consult is a free mini session to see if you want more.  425-246-8685