End Yo Money Drama

Hey friends, 
We all know that a major source of stress is financial. How many ever look at the root cause of your Money Dramas? Do you want to make some lasting changes? Changes that give you the POW in your emPOWerment? Changes that lead you to live the rest of your life free of the baggage that kept you stuck in an unwanted pattern that no logic or effort broke free? 
For me, it makes no sense to avoid such issues when often, it’s the one thing that makes me feel insane.

How can it be that this that or the other thing happens — and there’s no visible evidence why? 

How come it happens not once but 20 times? 

Why does this keep happening? 
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Do I like the way things are going? Is this the only way my life will ever be? Why is it so damn hard? 

Yep — these kinds of questions bothered me for a long time. I started to look for the root cause. 
It was not that I didn’t understand money management. Hell, I’ve never bounced a check in my entire adult life — not even when I first opened my checking account. I’ve never been overdrawn. I’ve never not paid a bill.  So why did I keep feeling stuck?  

Sure there were jobs that came and went. And after a while, I came to expect that nothing lasts forever. But why was it so freaking hard to turn this around into repeatable successes? I knew accounting. I knew budgeting. I knew management, planning, scheduling, and all kinds of logic focused things that keep us running as a couple, a family, a business, or even as a single woman.  It’s not that hard. 

I finally decided that it had to end. The money drama had to stop.  
Now I can’t say I’m at the end of my story. I’ve got plenty of issues to face.  But I’m on the right track. I know because the work I’ve done proves it. My deep seated issues are too personal to share here.  But I will tell you that it’s a lifelong process. Once the roots are identified, it’s hard work to pull them out. Some come easily. That’s the surface stuff. And others?  Well, let’s just say that it takes a lot more work, some pain, and a ton of honesty with yourself. 

It started for me with an awareness that something big and emotional was keeping stuck. Or energetic. Something… it wasn’t my mind because I was competent, smart, trained, and educated. Something else….. 

I started with a class put together by a kindred spirit and health coach, Amanda Moxley.  Let this stand as the beginning of some programs I’ll put together. But for a kick start to End YO Money Drama — I’d like to introduce you to Amanda.  She’s got it down.  She’s been teaching what I consider the basics – the beginnings of true change. You too can change your life. You too can change your personal relationship with money. And I promise you this, you can have fun as you move forward.  Here’s a link to Amanda’s EYMD class.  Kick off your journey with this 5 week class!  Come back to me for personal coaching.  I can help. 

Amanda’s EYMD