Game Changer

The Game Changer: Inflammation

It’s time for a game changer. While many health fads come and go, the anti-inflammation solution is here to stay. Focusing on fighting inflammation …

Life Pushed. I’m pushing back!  When I started health coaching and making my obsession with healthy living a way to share the legacy passed on to me by my parents, I wasn’t sure what would really come of it.  We studied hundreds of dietary theory, nutrition, science, trend.  The bottom line is Health matters. And it’s really confusing. It’s also hugely controversial. Too many antagonists insist their way is the only way. I guess I’m about to throw my hat in the ring as the Anti-Inflammation expert.

The plan was to enlighten and ignite others with a renewed healthy passion. Classes, workshops, retreats, and of course writing copy and content for myself and others. I’m a writer, right? We want to be out there living! The best way to do it is to manage our health as best we can. At 55, I was at the prime time to do something that would help others, be fun, and replace my previous career.

And then it happened. I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I was now loaded with current information, creds, and a background that included Foods, Nutrition, Meal Planning and Culinary expertise.  I was focused on helping people like me – later in life and not remotely ready to sit down and rest. Who hoo!  I was a real health coach and authority. Thrilled to be a part of the great Ripple Effect, I was ready to leave my technical career behind. I moved forward with a focused niche in writing, coaching and teaching. I’d have the best of both worlds: Copy and content writing and directly helping others get better and live better.  It was not my plan to be smacked down with a big game changer.


10 Known Areas where the AI Diet helps

10 ways the AI diet helps reduce systemic inflammation

This was 2012 — and two freaking years before the hubby finally got a diagnosis. Suddenly the game had changed. It was bigger than I knew.  They said it was CFS / ME – and the harder he’d fought to live life normally, the worse it made him. While we’d believed that somehow he’d get better and stay better, it was only getting worse! In 9 years time, without a diagnosis, the docs shrugged and sent him home. He fought, but it wore him out.  Now the advice given was more natural solutions for lowering stress and inflammation.  No meds were prescribed because none work. BAM! Game Changer!
End Drama Alert

Unbeknownst to me, I was becoming more caregiver than coach. ARGH! Not in my playbook, but we do what we do for our loved ones.

Stress Kills!
We all hear how bad stress is for a person. I was doing yoga, daily meditation, plenty of outdoor activity and exercise, and finding very little hope. All that adds up to a big nothing when life becomes too overwhelming. I talked with docs who would say: “Nancy, you are not depressed. you are overwhelmed. There are no magic pills for that.” I had no idea that one of the dangers of stress is inflammation. Back then, I thought inflammation was a response to an injury.  Half the time, I thought I was handling it ok ….

but then it happened.

I heard the words OsteoArthritis, Hip Impingement, and OUCH!  Me? Seriously? What I knew was I hadn’t been injured. I’d had expert bike fits, and I knew cycling per se wasn’t damaging my hip. I knew that walking was supposed to be good for bone density, so I was interspersing walking with cycling — and my hip and back suddenly taught me about major pain – the kind of deep pain that keeps you awake.

The Big Game Changer didn’t come together for me until my hip started hurting so badly I feared I’d be as disabled as the hubby.  I’m still tempted to get a pretty cane to help take the weight off my hip. On my feet all the time with an ailment that requires less weight bearing activity. Yeah, that’s gonna be easy? Hah.

Nancy’s Anti-Inflammation Lifestyle Program is underway.
My program is 100% dedicated to those who’ve been told to do an Anti-Inflammation Diet and Lifestyle. Why? Why now? Why is stress so much a part of this?
Well, when one gets sick the other one suffers. And now, we have both patient and caregiver needing to desperately lower risk of systemic inflammation.  It’s like this: He gets cancer or heart disease and She gets stressed out.  Or She gets breast cancer and He has to do much more plus deal with caregiving that adds stress.  Both in the family get hit hard. While the patient needs to lower inflammation and pain, the spouse still needs to prevent the stress from creating inflammation that leads to other problems.
Game Changer, Baby! 

Inflammation was my game changer

Chronic Inflammation turns out to be the hot topic.

Seriously — Look at this:
The Mayo Clinic directed my husband to follow the plan.
The local Cancer clinic instructed friend with breast cancer to follow the plan.
Another Cancer Specialist instructed a friend’s husband to follow the plan.
The Pain Management team instructed me to follow the plan.
The Back specialist instructed another friend to follow the plan.
The Diabetes doctor instructed another friend to follow the plan.

There’s something going on around here and it’s a huge Game Changer.  When you get 6 doctors with 6 separate specialties advising the same kind of diet for the same reason, there’s something to it. It’s not about losing weight. It’s all about lowering inflammation.

It’s discussed in a US News Wellness Report.
Cardiovascular Disease, CFS/ME, Cancer, Pain Management, Orthopedist, and Diabetes doctors all say the same thing? I think this is more lifestyle management than trendy. The plan is simple but hard to implement 100%.  You might lose a lot of weight, but it doesn’t fit the California trendsetters trendy ways…It won’t catch on because it’s not a diet that focuses on looking lean and fit. It’s a diet that helps you live without unseen illness and pain.

The real problem: There is a ton of information and not a ton of How To Do It.
That’s where I come in.  None of us were given recipes, meal guides, shopping tips, or general information about this diet.  I knew a lot, but not enough. This became more real for me when my face went red with rosacea.  I was doing some things considered anti-inflammation diet worthy, but not everything.
I knew a lot. Our Mayo doctor laid out some additional guidelines for my hubby, but still — no one provided much in the way of how to make it your life.

Watch for diet ideas from me. Watch for menus, recipes, meal plans, shopping lists… you name it. From here on out, it’s all about fighting inflammation from within.  Don’t stop your meds YET.  But be prepared.  You just might get to let go of the pharmaceutical solution after a long time. It will take a while. But it can happen.

And to get you rolling forward, here are some of the information sources I’ve found so far.
My favorite thus far is the Arthritis Foundation. They’ve been around since my Mom’s thumbs started hurting in the 80’s.

Dr. Andrew Weil is the renowned healthy living doctor with the big white beard and huge smile. You’ve seen his photo on front page of many publications. He sure looks like a happy guy, doesn’t he? Here is his Anti-Inflammation Pyramid –a visual that can guide you. No recipes, but good ways to focus on what to eat and how much.

And this from the owners of Time:,,20705881,00.html


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