Goal Setting or Effective Action

Goal Setting Day 2016.

January 1, 2016. It’s almost here. The big day when we all start talking about Goal Setting and New Years Resolutions. Do you still do it? Publicly claim your new year’s resolution?  Goal Setting or Effective Action Planning — introducing a new way to change your mindset and really achieve results

I propose you do it differently this year. Make it an Effective Action Map — a circular process that takes you from dream to vision, to obliterating the blocks, to asking solution based questions, identifying what is in your toolkit, creating an effective plan, taking action, knowing how you will feel when you reach you have achieved, and finally celebrating your success.  

It matters not how big or how small the goal is. What matters is that you learn this strategy for acheiving real results.  

On my new page,  I demonstrate the value of circular mapping to success.  Take a look. I’d love to hear what you think. I know it looks like a fun diagram, but I am proof that it works. 

The Effective Action Model

goal setting or using the effective action model

© Sunshine – Accelerated Learning This is a Mind Map for results

This is a mind map for results oriented thinking. In it, you learn to enhance, embellish, empower your life and you learn to get dramatic results easily.  It’s work, but it’s actually a fun way to engage your brain.  I just put an article on this site that better identifies this and how it can work for you. 

I don’t think it is fair to throw this powerful tool up here and not offer a free consultation on how to use it. Until I write an article on exactly how it works, I’m offering you a free 30 minute consult. 

Trust me — this is the most powerful brain changer I’ve found.  

My article is here: http://bewellbistro.com/effective-action-modeling/

And if you want to know more of where this came from, I recommend looking into the following:
Neuro Linquistic Programming –  For me, learning hands on from Wil Horton  made all the difference. I finally found a therapeutic model that wasn’t just how to manipulate someone for a sale or for sex. I also studied under Steve Boyley, another master of mind.  What I liked about Steve was a small class and personalized focus.  Between these two programs, I learned lifeskills that are still used today, 20 years later. The models of NLP work and I say it has most to do with your personal intention. 

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