Hip Repair brings it up to the surface

Hip Repair brings it up

a poem of sorts…

As the Hip goes
It can stop our flow.
Hip Repair

Emotions flow.
Worries Go.
Hopes arise.
Time to fly, time to shine.

Take it slow.
Don’t stop the flow.
Old thoughts come
Memories of home.

Let them go.
Closed down that show.
Feeling better now
Taking a bow

Let Go Let God
Let God IN

Inhale Love
Exhale all else

Healing energy clears
Resolves your fears
Restructures your soul
Into a beautiful new whole.

This is the hard part.
To Move into your heart.
Stay with Love
Fly like the Dove

Simplicity and Renewal can create a resurgence of passion. Being forced to slow down, there is an awakening of spirit.

I read an article about what to do in your 60’s. The first thing it said was to find passion. Find things that make you feel alive. Find things that give you inspiration. Move the body, ignite the heart, find a new tribe.
I’m working it. As I moved into hip surgery, I knew this would be my focus. What I didn’t know was how clear some things would become.

Almost 7 weeks into hip repair recovery – and I’m noticing a new energy, a renewed attitude, and an impatience with ineptitude.

I’m ready to move forward.  I slow it down to take care of me. My hip, my back, my heart, my soul — all crave extreme love and support.
When I start thinking, the brain is easily tricked into overthinking filled with worry about what ifs.
Then I get overwhelmed and want to just dive into the deep and make radical change. The healer in me says sometimes you just have to do it. The rational in me says you better be smart about this.

Follow the heart or Follow the Head? Why can’t these two easily merge and provide the solutions together. Listen closely. Your heart knows!
I am heart-centric always. That’s why my integrative coaching works. I help you reconnect to your heart.. and take steps to become more of who you are.

Heart-based coaching is different. http://www.ramblinlambwellness.com has a plan.

©2017 nancy lamb

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