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Home Simplified is a concept. The big trend these days is to downsize, simplify, and go natural. What that means to me is making life something to treasure, but not making everything a chore. That’s where simplified cooking comes in.

Take the other night. The plan was to make a double batch of meat balls ala the Feed Zone. By the time I was ready to make them, it was too late, I was tired, and my recently repaired hip was cranky.

In a burst of creativity, out came an idea for a meatloaf. A killer meatloaf that was a combination creativity and tried and true recipes. Why not? Meatballs aren’t that different from Meatloaf. I had what I needed. Almost.

It started out as a normal recipe. Never making it before this way, doubling it was probably wasteful. I had my doubts. But hey, once I got going… Let me just say that I made two full sized meatloafs in the same amount of time it would take to make one. The intention was to freeze the second one.

My husband went nuts. He went back for more 3 times. He raved. He was thrilled. He nearly exploded in happiness he loved it so much. Need I say there was nothing left to freeze? We enjoyed it for 2 dinners, and he killed the rest for lunch.
Let me also say that I have hated meatloaf since my college days. I couldn’t look at it. It was awful. But now? OMG this recipe could be sold.

No photos.. we ate it too fast and it was too good. Might happen next time. Here’s the recipe. Enjoy. And if you need help with customizing your favorite recipes.. give me a holler.

Not Your Normal Meatloaf

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