JAN – Job Accommodation Network

There is a Job Accommodation Network? Run by USDL?  Why is this not readily available? Who knew???
There is an organization that helps retrain and retain workers with disabilities and it is in the US.  They help employers understand and accommodate. But they also help the disabled find a way back to working.  It’s really not my thing, but I was looking for something and ran into this. I wanted to better understand the ADA.  It does so much more than force businesses to provide bare minimum wheelchair access! 

(Which needs an amendment badly. I watched a man in a wheelchair get stuck in narrow grocery checkout aisle. Another time, it was apparent that the wheelchair stall in a bathroom was poorly conceived. The restaurant patron stated that he could get in the stall, but couldn’t close the door)  

Yes, it is part of our government services as part of the US Department of Labor: About JAN

JAN the Job Accommodation Network.  https://askjan.org/index.html

There is help out there. Wonder why this information is not made readily available. 

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