Know Thy Foods

Know Thy Foods

Know thy Fats
Learn What’s in It

What is really in that delish avocado and bacon recipe you just saw on your Facebook page? When you know thy foods, you gain power and control. When you let others tell you something is healthy and you do no research, you give your power away. Simple: Know thy foods.
While you salivate over an imagined tasty delight, you might want to slow down and think a little. Know what you put in your awesome body. The more you give to you, the better you get.

You can’t win if you don’t know what you are really eating. Know Thy Foods is more than just counting calories, but you can’t ignore the calories either. One Avocado is 322 calories mainly of fat. It’s a good fat. It’s a healthy fat. But does it have enough other nutrients to make it the major component of a meal?

I’ll never forget a fascinating weight loss class. Eat More, Lose More was what it boiled down to. It required science. Know thy Foods became an obsession for me, but it needn’t.

Know Thy Foods - breakfast isn't boring anymore

breakfast isn’t boring anymore

Know Thy Foods can be as simple as a quick nutrient search on a recipe you find online. It’s so easy now.
Eat the right amount at the right times. Fuel the body to make it burn. You need to know more than just calorie count. You need the right amount of protein to sustain the body, and the right amount of carb to burn fuel. It does not have to be bread, or wheat, folks.  But the body needs some healthy carbohydrate. That’s what burns as fuel, gives you energy, keeps you off the sugar train.

Do calories count? Heck yeah! When you consume more than you burn, you have a deficit. When you eat less than your body requires, you will lose weight, but after a while you have to find balance or you will lose too much weight. Or you go through the day groggy and apathetic, and suddenly eat a double dinner to compensate, then don’t sleep well because the body works so hard to digest that big meal.  It’s about BALANCE!  When you eat the right kind of calories, at the best times, you get the right most of the nutrients you put in the body. 
 What’s in that Avocado anyway?  Avocado Central – the truth on this fruit
The Avocado is a mighty food. And the American Diabetes Association agrees. They teamed with Haas Avocado and have published some heart healthy recipes that you might love!  Avocado Recipes for the Diabetic 

Mom and I used to slice an avo in half add salt and just eat it. Then we looked up the calories. From that day on, we’d add a little to a salad, but that was it. We loved that fruit — but it wasn’t as healthy as we wanted to be. For two petite women, calories mattered as much as quality of food.
Example: If breakfast is a whole avocado, an egg, two slices of bacon, and 1 slice of lightly buttered toast, you consume the following calories: 
322 for the avocado
110 for the egg
86 for the bacon
135 for the toast w/butter

of that, you have a little protein, mainly fat, and a small amount of carbohydrate. The body needs all of these things, but the body needs it in a better proportion. It’s microbiology, folks.

What’s wrong with that recipe?
too much fat to protein

The gist of it is it’s not such a bad fat, but bacon is considered a poor choice for those wanting to avoid risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, high cholestral, and high blood pressure.  For me, its’ also a migraine maker due to the salts and processing ingredients.  Read the article. Don’t bash me. It’s just the way it is.
Can Bacon Be Part of a Healthy Diet

Even if you ignore the fat content  of this recipe – and some will  – you have just consumed 633 calories. That might not be the end of the world. It’s certainly better than a lot of other things. You do best if you know what you are eating and make sure you get the right nutrients. Based on the microbiology of this, there is a great chance that 3 hours after you eat it you are craving sugar. Why? When you deprive your body of enough protein and carbs, you crave sugar for energy. 
As much as I love avocado’s, I know what makes up a balanced and nutrient dense meal. Do you? I love to spread a quarter avo on toast and add something for flavor. I’ll often add a few slices to a salad, or mash it with brown rice and an egg. Eat what makes you happy and feels good, but know what you are doing! Here’s a cool avocado site. Know Thy Foods! Avocado Central – the truth on this fruit
For those curious about the image above, I have to credit the DailyBurn for this great idea. Here’s their link. You are going to love it.

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