Living with CFS


Some days we want to hide. Other days we want to explode. As we focus on learning to live with ME/CFS, the people in DC decide to redefine the malady. Good bad or indifferent, it may soon be renamed to: systemic exertion intolerance disease (SEID). What I know is that the name won’t make a difference. What we need is a cure! But that may never happen and those who suffer still live by dealing a day at a time. Whatever it is called, the name won’t cure it and most people still won’t get it.

This section will provide as much information and help as we can offer anyone dealing with this plague.

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Here you will find what we learn. I welcome your comments and your sharings. If you have ideas, if you want to connect, let’s do it. Living with this is too isolating. No one needs to be alone.

RULES OF ENGAGEMENT: Only sharing experience, strength and hope. No selling, no dealing, no harping about religion or politics. Let’s just accept and respect each other as we are.