Magic Maca: A Powerhouse of Energy

 Super Foods Rise Again

 They are the nutrient dense supplements added to recipes. They are the nutrient dense add ons that give you some power, some internal system support, some GO.  Why do we need them? We don’t, really. But we want them to support our natural body systems.  We reach for the extra push. We want that natural essence of super-hereo-ness that comes from feeling the vibe of vitality. And with our Super Foods, we get that hit. That pulse. That push!

Mostly plant based, our SuperFoods aren’t  a super natural phenomenon. They are foods that we grow or that naturally grow in specific climates. Why Super Food? They foods are power packed with nutrients that our bodies are lacking, depleting, or just work better with.  These foods simply support the body to do what it does better.  THAT’S A SUPER FOOD. 

So what is Maca? Simply put, Maca is a tuber root grown in the Andes Mountains.  

The root has been used for hundreds of years by Peruvians for both food source and medicinal purposes.  It’s known best as a support to the endocrine system, providing hormonal balancing, better energy, and vitality.   And some say it helps libido. 

Why’s it so great, you ask?

It’s not the taste. It’s definitely an acquired taste, not bad, but odd. Better than most of the protein powders on the market. But nothing you would crave for a comfort food. It is not taken for it’s flavor. It’s taken for the power packed nutritional hit.  

Hormonal Balancing:

Maca supports the endocrine system. That is the system that regulates the hormone production. It’s not adding hormones, but helping the body regulate it’s own natural hormone production factory.  Maca powder energizes the human body to make hormones. This stimulation will cause very good human hormones to be released in to the blood stream, which may subsequently help regulate issues within just those hormones.

“Maca stimulates and nourishes the hypothalamus and pituitary glands which are the “master glands” of the body. These glands actually regulate the other glands, so when in balance they can bring balance to the adrenal, thyroid, pancreas, ovarian and testicular glands.” (quoted from our friends at Natural News).  This means your body gives you more energy, more vitality. Naturally.


Maca root is full of minerals and vitamins which are required to maintain a healthy body. Mineral deposits which include calcium, magnesium, and iron are all found in raw maca root, plus vitamins C, B1, B2, B6 And B12. It’s a great way to get an energy boost, naturally and free of caffeine and sugars.  

Maca Powder –  If you are like me, you just go with it. If Jenny Sansouci, our Healthy Crush guru loved it, it must be good. First thing, I added it to a green juice. I wasn’t prepared for the slightly malty flavor. At all. But I had this 16 oz bag, so I kept trying it with different things. I stirred it into oatmeal, added it to juice or smoothies, tried sprinkling it on foods. By far, the best recipe was the smoothie I just finished.   

Better Mood Management – many report feeling less fatigued, less depressed, less brain fog – in a very short time. 

BUT WHAT IS IT?  Just a tuber, grown high in the Andes, and used for both food and medicinal support. Like a powered potato. 

It’s an adaptogen, meaning it supports the systems that need support. Maca is known as the Incan Ginseng for its adaptogen properties. More energy, emotional balance, hormonal balance, vitality, and it has alkaloid properties that support the endocrine system.  

Nutritionally, this powder is both good and healing.  I know how I feel. I like it. 

You might too. Give it a try.  

This is the awesome beverage spurred me to do my own research. 

The Lemon Banana Maca Smoothie
Honey Vanilla Kefir
Filtered Water
Hemp Protein Powder
Fresh Tumeric
And  a heaping tablespoon of
Maca Powder