Myths, Fads, and Facts

Let’s take a look at some simple truths. 

I’ll admit that many a health advocate goes to the extremist point of view. Conspiracy theories are abundant amidst the fear mongers on both sides of the fence. It’s become more annoying than help when extremists exclaim that all scientific studies are funded by Big Government, Big Ag, Big Pharm, and all the Biggies. It’s equally annoying when it is half true. What do we believe? Not sure about all of you, but I’m not going to set up a science lab. Are you? 

I firmly believe that personal research is the solution. 

For example: Wheat – is it all GMO hybridized and changed so that the human body no longer tolerates this grain that has provided beneficial nutrition for tens of thousands of years? OR — is it hybridized well so that we can feed the hungry people in less fortunate countries than the United States?  

Here’s another example: Raw Milk is gaining in popularity amidst the holistic, organic health advocates.  I merely said something people should be aware of the risks was chastised for even mentioning this. I posted links to 5 or 6 well researched articles and was told that they were posted by Tabloid Media.  Since when is the Department of Agriculture, Web MD, Center for Disease Control, The Department of Health …. and countless other sources.  Last I checked, The New York Times was a fact based publication considered one of the top resources internationally.  

When the Food Safety organizations across several spectrums say essentially the same thing, one starts to wonder.

This makes me angry. I’ve studied hundreds of dietary theory as part of my health coaching curriculum. I earned my BA in Hospitality Business Management and part of that curriculum was Foods and Nutrition. Plus, I live in a state with the top Agriculture and Food Science departments in the US. I have easy access to professors and scientists who tend to be rather objective even when funded by large institutions. What angers me is the conspiracy theorists because they pose a danger to the rest of us. 

People need to do their own research. No one body is the same, no one person will react exactly the same to an ingredient. I tell my clients to do their own research.  I may provide links to articles from both sides of the picture. The very notion that ALL Scientists are lying and bending their studies just makes me mad. 

We will report on several theories here. Keep coming back. We are going to learn once and for all how to deal with these extreme attitudes. I’m tired of being whacked upside the head by extremists. Aren’t you?