Natural Anti Inflammatory

It’s working for me. Turmeric or Curcumin —

Some foods just help. Eating the Anti Inflammatory diet means eating foods that promote healing internally. Naturally. Our friends over at Natural News address this well.

I tell my clients that I don’t necessarily sell pills and potions. I can sell, I can close — it’s not that. I don’t believe in pressuring friends to do what works for me. I prefer to offer ideas and solutions that might help, without that sense of pressure that comes when a new friend wants me to join their down line. I even tell people that they are usually best off to do their own research and learn for themselves.  That’s why I love to share not just what I learned but how they can become knowledgeable themselves.  (thus my links to IIN, AWAI and other great programs.)  But this stuff, it’s worth keeping around. Zyflamend by New Chapter

So I ran into turmeric at my local coop. I was asking the expert about inflammation because I have two things going on.  First, my left foot. It’s been nothing but a major problem.  I’ve been doing contrast baths, but it’s just so hard to keep my foot in a bucket of ice.  I’m a wimp, I guess. Anyway, I also have a new condition called rosacea. Some say it’s all about inflammation. Internal inflammation.  So what they heck!  When the gal at the store suggested two different curcumin products, I decided to give it a shot. 

Results are in: Zyflamend by New Chapter has helped to heal both situations fairly well.  I’m still working on it, but in 2 weeks I’ve noticed my foot barely hurts and my face is no where near as red or inflamed.  I can’t say it’s the end solution, but happy feet are well, happy feet!  

Zyflamend by New Chapter — find it at your health food store or here: Zyflamend by New Chapter

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