NLP is for personal growth and empowerment! 

Neuro — nervous system

Linguistic – language

Programming – patterns

NLP is the way you communicate with yourself first.
NLP is the way you can effectively communicate with others too.

Neurolinguistic Programming as a self-help technique or coaching format is fabulous. It’s really broken down to a way to put yourself in a more positive frame of mind where you can easily and dynamically improve your results in life.

What NLP does is help you reprogram the way you think about things that matter, things that can be a trigger, things that can be turned around to make you better.

NLP can have a bad rap. Based on my early exposure, I get it. At first, I thought NLP was evil. I had a bad experience with the manager of my real estate sales office. I was young. I wanted to sell. But I quickly learned the manager was focused on manipulations that did not really support the learning environment.

Next time I ran into NLP was another sales experience. That manager was using NLP to manipulate women in a very strange agenda. I don’t recall the details – only that he did not last long. And that NLP could be dangerously used to manipulate for personal gain.


SUNSHINE Superwoman! Well, the teachers name was Sunshine and he offered this amazing Accelerated Learning class. 

Sunshine was a guy starting a business and teaching Accelerated Learning patterns. I went. I felt a lightening bolt of understanding. So fascinated, I explored what and how he was doing what he taught.   I experienced the power of reframing, the power of transforming, the exquisite sense of letting go of that which blocked and grabbing hold of better thought processes. Sunshine and his partner ignited a spark and I pursued certification from two NLP masters.

What I learned was that this is a hugely powerful therapeutic solution (not therapy – and not really hypnosis), but a therapeutic solution that can serve to transform and improve a person. Heck — I went from down and feeling useless to gainfully employed, happy, and involved in I think 2 months.

You Can Change In an Instant! 

The way a friend and practitioner named Kurt described it:
Say you have a thorn in your finger.
In traditional therapy, you talk about the thorn. You look at it from many angles. You might read about the thorn. And over time, you become numb to the thorn.

In NLP, you simply remove the thorn.

How I use it: it’s been my experience that talking doesn’t really create permanent change. The only thing that works is rewiring my internal programming.  I use NLP on myself all the time. I also create simple steps to help others move through change dynamically by applying the same tools that I use on myself. I can’t say it’s always an instant fix, but I will say that it works for me. And if you are like me, it can work for you too.

Want to try it? First session – if you don’t feel super relaxed and positively different about the situation, I’ll give you a choice of a follow up or a refund.