Passion? You already KNOW

Passion? You Already KNOW

Here are tips to explore how you can reignite and rekindle yours. How your 2nd Act will be your passion play. 

I just read an article by a guy who hit the nail on the head. Most of us already know what our passion is.

In one simple question, you know it.
With the answer, you have the knowledge to move towards creating something out of your hearts calling.  

Your calling is your passion

The message lies within

For me, while I often feel like I am killing time writing posts, sharing, learning, connecting with others – the truth is part of what makes me whole is connecting with and sharing, encouraging, and uplifting others. I see their beauty and their value even when they don’t. That’s a passion! So is Writing. So is ….  most of the things that I do for fun and for free! 

Passion: You already know what it is. 

Isn’t it time you look within?
Stop wasting time looking outside yourself. Start exploring. Be an adventurer. Be the one that makes it an exploration into how much you can make of that one thing you love to do.

I’ve been a writer since 13 when I took pen to paper to sort out my thoughts. I wrote amazing poetry, loved to research and write essays, reports, and research papers. I earned side money in college writing papers for friends. But not until exploring how I could balance caregiving with earning a living did it occur to me that my love for putting thoughts to paper would be the way to make a living. 

I’ve been a health nut since 17 — because I made a choice to live healthfully so that when I was old (now) I could still be doing fun active stuff, living vibrantly, and be healthy enough to go outside and play. I wanted that vibrant, creative, and healthy life. I later (20 years later) gave up smoking to ensure I would get rid of a major contradiction to who I truly was. I also wanted to ensure I wouldn’t be a burden on others by refusing to let go of a stinking bad habit.  It did occur to me that this purposeful quest for great health was passion — but I never felt it was something I would want to do for others — they are inherently responsible for their own choices, yes? 

I learned from all of these journeys.

I bring forward a foundation of inner working that began after a death-defying skiing accident. That was the turning point. I was given a new chance to make some serious changes. For the next 24 years, my total focus was personal growth. Context Trainings Pursuit of Excellence Series, yoga, recovery principles, studies through Unity, Lessons from Richard Levy, more yoga, more study, more writing, more health.. on and on and on it goes. I earned certificates in training, writing, and holistic and integrative health. I bring forward what I learned in my early college education in hospitality, food sciences, menu planning, and general business management.

It’s not so much how to make money but how to LIVE FULLY
We all need to stop doubting ourselves. Master guitarists don’t chase after college certificate to say they can play. They just play.

Your 2nd Act

If you are reaching your 2nd Act — nearing retirement – or just looking for a new thing, new way, or even a new job at any age — start listening to yourself. It’s no secret.

What do you do in your spare time?
What would you do for free?
What do you feel pulled to explore? Is it new? Is it something you once loved and left behind? Is it something you’ve always held sacred to your being? 
What do you just do for others for free because you get asked all the time.
What is it that makes you think: Hmm — I can do that better … or even How could I do that better?

The problem with our culture is many people are taught that their passions are not enough to live on so we go after skill building. We go after jobs that pay the bills, and we suffer in silence for decades — waiting for retirement to begin following our passions. Then we forget half of what we already know — and we start to go to school. We throw money out to get a piece of paper when we could possibly better use that money on marketing.

I’m in awe of a friend of mine. He just does things in the most amazing way. I recently asked him how he got started on something. His answer: Well, I went to a show, and as cool as it was, this one part was awful. I knew I could do it better so I talked with the organizer, and he agreed. I did the first one for free, but had a contract for future events if they liked the first one.

That is passion combined with business smarts.

The ONE Question: What would you do for free?

Where are you drawn in your spare time? That’s your passion play. Where you put your attention? That’s your passion.

The stuff you can do in your sleep? That’s often a skill well learned. But if it’s dead energy, it’s not your passion. Start now. Start looking for ways to engage – to LOVE yourself into following your passion a little every day.

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