Peace – The Greatest Gift of All

Peace! The Greatest Gift of ALL

Peace. Seek Peace. Be the stillness. Be at Peace. Calm the waters of your mind. Find peace and then visualize.

Years back when my soul journey began in earnest, there was a popular song titled The Greatest Love of All.  I challenge you now — to revise that old line to The Greatest Gift of All — for it is in Peace that we find everything we need. EVERYTHING. I’ve asked myself for years now: What is really in the way of getting results. Whether it is finding a job, lining up enough clients, monetizing my website, getting help for my hubby, selling, buying, staying sane, having fun, keeping any momentum on anything….the ONE KEY to it all is PEACE.

Peace on Mt. Erie - a magical morning

Peace brings a calm clarity leading to effective action.  This is a magical Sunrise at Mt. Erie, WA

It is obvious to me that the last 9 years of caregiving have made Peace rather elusive and results even less stellar.  So many big things. You know that list of high stressors? That list of the biggest stressors in life? When you have nearly all of them on your plate and the world seems to be saying “Let’s just see how much you can take, little lady”, all you can do is keep going and keep juggling. Until instead of dropping a ball, you just sit down and bawl. Still, there must be a solution…

When the doctors, friends, and family warn you of serious stress and keep saying: “Take Care of Yourself” without offering tangible help, you know you are on your own. When you finally reach out for social service support because a VA social service guy wanted to set it up, but they say Fend For Yourself….When getting a loved one  help  becomes a draining exploration; when considering options becomes a painful exercise in too many NO’s and Obstacles because it always ends up with the null support and the solution is on you…

The bottom line is it’s time for some serious soul revival and renewal — and a better plan because the first few plans got sideswiped big time.
Starting the year devoted to Peace!  Thus, my 365 Days of Self-Nurturing journal is coming alive quickly.

Richard Dotts nailed it. He provided the missing link. I’d been doing this artful manifestation thing all wrong. Instead of dropping into a peaceful state, and then visualizing, I’d been dropping in, enjoying the silence, then coming out to do the visualizations.  All that did was churn the peaceful waters into a stormy sea.

Here is what Dotts says in “Your Greatest Gift”:

Visualize the pristine surface of a perfectly calm and still lake. Any pebble that you drop into this lake will produce perfectly formed ripples that radiate outward with maximum amplitude. If you drop several pebbles at once, you’ll end up with several interfering wave patterns on the water surface canceling each other out. That’s why if your thoughts are scattered, it is unlikely that they will lead to fast and precise outer manifestations. Your thoughts and intentions are canceling each other out! If you drop pebbles into a lake with choppy waters, you will not get well-formed ripples. The choppy waters represent a turbulent inner state filled with negative emotions.

Richard Dott - Your Greatest Gift

Available on Amazon

Dotts, Richard (2015-08-07). Your Greatest Gift: That Unlocks All Manifestations (Kindle Locations 846-851). Richard Dotts. Kindle Edition.

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