Pull the Trigger: Emotional Triggers

Pull the Trigger: Emotional Triggers are like Firecrackers

Trigger points are those pain points when something ignites energy.  In bodywork, it’s a point on the body that when poked hurts like a lightening rod. In mental work, it’s that thing that happens and you are suddenly super upset, even angry.

The Trilogy of Body Mind Spirit must remain in Alignment!  Like an equilateral triangle, when any one part of us is out of alignment, all other angles are pulled on, stressed and tweaked to accommodate.  The goal of our work is to bring back into alignment our whole being.  

Slide1Bodywork Opens the Door for Emotional Release

I had some wonderful bodywork done last week. We talked about old and new emotional energy.  Yes, we all have ‘stuff’ and no one alive is free of it. Releasing takes time and work. Often, we are cognizant of past issues, but until the body can release them, they still get you, hold you, and create pain. If untreated, they become physical pain that shows you the way through to emotional release.

 Trigger points are those places where when hit, you can learn what you have been holding.  Most on the spiritual healing path seek to let these go. Bodyworkers can point out the physical manifestation, but the spiritual work is up to us.  A good bodyworker can serve as a guide, but we must be willing to become aware, accept it, and then release it. That’s the work.  They can help – but we have to do our own inner work.

I’m writing about this because a trigger for me was hit and hit hard last night.  — knowing when they are triggered is a great teacher.  

Assumptions and Accusations 

As a child, I was often accused of stealing things. The babysitter stole things from my family: money, a radio, and a few other choice items that went missing.  Mom and brother would come to me and ask me to return what I didn’t have. They would insist that it must have been me because it couldn’t be anyone else. I stood accused and it hurt!  Or something would happen, and instead of the folks speaking directly to me, they went to my cousin for advice — and he talked off the top of his head — without having a clue what was really happening.  Again, the folks acted on false information from ill-informed sources. Being falsely accused of stealing, or anything else immoral or illegal flat out hurts.  I remember it clear as if it was yesterday. I could cry right now.  That’s a trigger point! And when it happens today, it is easy to identify it and not so easy to just let it be their stuff. 

Life is complicated. When someone questions my integrity on anything, it’s not just annoying. It’s upsetting. And it’s difficult to move forward with them when they act on bad assumptions. Emmet Fox warns us against moving too fast to rush things. I agree.  When people try to rush me faster than I can move, it’s a warning. 

I’m a woman who has prided herself on integrity. People who know me, know that I hold that integrity as the most valuable asset I’ve got.  I intend to leave this world with my integrity in place. That’s how deep this goes.  I honor my word. I honor my agreements. I’ve been hurt financially for taking the high road, but that’s who I am. 

Bodywork opens the dam and river of energy and emotions flow

So it happens that I’m receiving some wonderful and long needed bodywork, a lot of meditation, and a lot of inner work on healing and letting go. It’s essential to my life. And now a friend seems to have triggered this issue.   

How do I know? I was rather upset yesterday. I went from peaceful and hopeful to upset in the blink of a telephone call.  I couldn’t at first see the pattern, only that the person on the other end assumed that our integrity was in question. During the call, I couldn’t say much.  The caller was rapidly speaking and gave me little space to be a part of her conversation.  After a bit, I just said ok ok ok…. After the call, I went on and on and on. I couldn’t quite let go. This morning, after a really good night’s sleep, I heard it.  

“All through my childhood, I was falsely accused and made into the bad guy — I hate it when people assume I have no integrity” BAM! There it was. 

When you find yourself saying that used to happen all the time — when you find yourself thinking ‘that used to happen all the time and I hated it’ — someone has triggered you.

So it happens. In this case, my hope is to discuss the matter and come to a healthier understanding. But I still have internal work to do.  

The real work will not be fun, but will be enlightening. Like an onion peel, as the outer layers have been removed, the inner layers bring the true enlightening. Doing this work with the help of many aids is the way to do it. For me: 

Fresh Air
Being Still and in Nature
Letting myself feel loved 

This is the work of the Spiritual Warrior.  

How you start your journey or return to it is up to you. I used to tell clients that we had plenty of choices. Start with the body, the mind, the emotions, or spirit. We all have our own choice for where to start. For me, it’s usually the body. I can work, work, work, but suddenly ongoing pain requires more than a massage. Or suddenly chronic pains go beyond simple.  

Many start with spiritual. They find their bliss in their religion, their God, their church.  And they start to unravel the old to replace it with new ways of accepting Love.  And many — especially those who think hard, start with mental therapy.  

My life work is about balanced healing. I still say it matters not where you begin. Just begin.  Back to that triangle.  Look at it this way: If you only focus on the body, you ignore 2 crucial sides to a truly balanced life.  The bottom line is that to keep your healing journey simple and uncomplicated, you can focus on these three things.  Body, Mind and Spirit !   All the rest fits in these categories.   

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