365 Days of Self-Nurturing

Self-Nurturing – 365 Days

Self-Nurturing is My Journey back! 

Self-Nurturing is listening

The message lies within

A Journey Back to Self is 365 Days of Self-Nurturing, Self-Loving, Self-Awareness. It’s just time. This is the beginning. It’s the time of year when people make resolutions and buy little daily guides. 365 days of Self-Nurturing is my attempt to help caregivers journey with me. In self-help groups across the land, people have little daily readers that serve as their serenity guides. In self-help groups, we learn to self-nurture. In other words, we don’t rely on others outside of us to do what is only ours to do. I’ve found that caregiver’s needs something a bit different. This is the twist as 365 Days of Self-Nurturing is one older woman’s quest for relighting a flame that serves as guide and mentor. This is the key to nurturing. A Daily program from self-caring — for if we don’t do for ourselves, it’s not going to get done.  I’m all I’ve got when it comes to taking care of me. This is for me. And for all caregiver’s. It is my hope that anyone who thinks they have reached the end of their life rope that they find my words helpful to just keep going.

Self-Nurturing is not Selfishness — it is a healthy self-centered way to give to others. 

This is my 2016 Project – to restore, renew, reawaken. To rebuild. To become again

“the Me that I want to be” 

In Julian Cameron’s The Artist Way, we learn to love our creative spirit by doing specific exercises. It’s a wonderful work that brought me to an unknown and sometimes unsettling urge for creativity. It’s how I embraced the writer in me, how I chose to find photography as a visual art, how I came to embrace the me I was come to love. The truth is 9 years of worry and anxiety is 9 years too much. Some might say it’s just life, but when on a routine basis it steals away the core vitality of who you are. While you are worried that someone you love is so ill they are dying, your anxiety becomes a constant and the worry isn’t something you just put on a shelf. I’ve been a caregiver since 1996 when Mom had a back surgery. Just as I started to regain my balance someone else fell ill and needed help. It’s been on and on since then. Slowly but surely. I changed.  Returning to the concept of daily journaling, I want to do it differently. Returning to the Artist Way every day, I always reconnect with spirit and thus a kind of internal healing that only comes from serious dedication to my soul recovery. 

I was the go-to girl for my parents, and anytime they needed, I responded. They enjoyed a long life and I made it possible for them to remain independent for years longer than they could have if I wasn’t there. Because I devoted much time and energy to them, I learned much about caregiving, medical advocacy, and letting go. With my parents, I was able to return home. I had an escape route that allowed me to practice self-nurturing. It is much different living with someone who has become disabled than driving over 3 times a week and returning home. But the anxiety is always there. 

My focus is to return to love. My focus is to find peace within this madness. That does not call for extreme measures. It calls for a quest to light the darkness within, and to rebuild on different ground.  I’m not lost. I’m just looking for a new home.

Each day, I shall participate in at least an hour of self-nurturing actions. I get to decide what, when and how.


…We learn to self-nurture. In other words, we don’t rely on others outside of us to do what is only ours to do. 

So We Begin

January 1

Today, I pushed myself out the door to go cross country skiing. Alone! I had to get the momentum going to refocus on loving me. Trusting me. Rebuilding my self-confidence is part of that!

Self Nurturing the Wild Child

Answering the call


It was a magical day on the trail, and the beginning of my quest to get back to me. 
I found a little more confidence. This is my year to love me back to whole!

January 2

Today’s gift was time for me.
What 1 thing can I do today that will nurture me and bring me closer to what I need?  The answer: SMILE and Look Within…

Self-NurturingToday’s gift came when sitting in my car enjoying the warmth of the sun on my face. It just felt delightful to embrace the warmth of the sun.
Spending time with a good friend was also special. We walked and we talked, we vented, we embraced. It was simply nice to talk and catch up. 

These practices will teach me a wealth of inner knowledge. Learning to listen again is an awakening of me.

January 3

 Mornings are my favorite time of day. I get to set the tone. Today is for yoga and meditation, then more writing.

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