Keep things simple, don’t over think, don’t over cook a scheme
Made From Home
Diets don’t work, but home cooking with Fresh Foods saves you money, time, and excess calories
Artful Appearance
Foods that appeal to your eye taste better and you eat less. Happy Meals should be colorful, nutrient dense, and rich in healthy, natural flavors.
Real Goals –
made for YOU, not your Mama – Too many people design their lives based on other peoples dreams. I told my nephew that any time someone he loves questions his plans, he needs to dig deep to figure out why they are concerned.  Mom and Dad may have great dreams and then get upset when you don’t share them — but ask a lot of questions to understand their real concerns for you. Then make choices based on knowledge. 
Time for YOU
Every day, carve out time to nurture yourself. Your body, your mind, and your spirit. It doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal — it just has to feed your soul.  If you fail to nurture you, you burn out. Don’t neglect yourself under the guise of winning others approval. It fails every time! 

That’s what SMART living is all about.