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Game Changer

The Game Changer: Inflammation

It’s time for a game changer. While many health fads come and go, the anti-inflammation solution is here to stay. Focusing on fighting inflammation …

Life Pushed. I’m pushing back!  When I started health coaching and making my obsession with healthy living a way to share the legacy passed on to me by my parents, I wasn’t sure what would really come of it.  We studied hundreds of dietary theory, nutrition, science, trend.  The bottom line is Health matters. And it’s really confusing. It’s also hugely controversial. Too many antagonists insist their way is the only way. I guess I’m about to throw my hat in the ring as the Anti-Inflammation expert.

The plan was to enlighten and ignite others with a renewed healthy passion. Classes, workshops, retreats, and of course writing copy and content for myself and others. I’m a writer, right? We want to be out there living! The best way to do it is to manage our health as best we can. At 55, I was at the prime time to do something that would help others, be fun, and replace my previous career.

And then it happened. I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I was now loaded with current information, creds, and a background that included Foods, Nutrition, Meal Planning and Culinary expertise.  I was focused on helping people like me – later in life and not remotely ready to sit down and rest. Who hoo!  I was a real health coach and authority. Thrilled to be a part of the great Ripple Effect, I was ready to leave my technical career behind. I moved forward with a focused niche in writing, coaching and teaching. I’d have the best of both worlds: Copy and content writing and directly helping others get better and live better.  It was not my plan to be smacked down with a big game changer. Read More→

Natural Anti Inflammatory

It’s working for me. Turmeric or Curcumin —

Some foods just help. Eating the Anti Inflammatory diet means eating foods that promote healing internally. Naturally. Our friends over at Natural News address this well.

I tell my clients that I don’t necessarily sell pills and potions. I can sell, I can close — it’s not that. I don’t believe in pressuring friends to do what works for me. I prefer to offer ideas and solutions that might help, without that sense of pressure that comes when a new friend wants me to join their down line. I even tell people that they are usually best off to do their own research and learn for themselves.  That’s why I love to share not just what I learned but how they can become knowledgeable themselves.  (thus my links to IIN, AWAI and other great programs.)  But this stuff, it’s worth keeping around. Zyflamend by New Chapter

So I ran into turmeric at my local coop. I was asking the expert about inflammation because I have two things going on.  First, my left foot. It’s been nothing but a major problem.  I’ve been doing contrast baths, but it’s just so hard to keep my foot in a bucket of ice.  I’m a wimp, I guess. Anyway, I also have a new condition called rosacea. Some say it’s all about inflammation. Internal inflammation.  So what they heck!  When the gal at the store suggested two different curcumin products, I decided to give it a shot. 

Results are in: Zyflamend by New Chapter has helped to heal both situations fairly well.  I’m still working on it, but in 2 weeks I’ve noticed my foot barely hurts and my face is no where near as red or inflamed.  I can’t say it’s the end solution, but happy feet are well, happy feet!  

Zyflamend by New Chapter — find it at your health food store or here: Zyflamend by New Chapter