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Mindful Manifestation: THINK

Mindful Manifestation: THINK  

It’s not about whether you can or whether you deserve. WE all deserve the best.  We all have talents and skills and can learn new ways. When people start reading about manifesting more, they are really saying they want to change. They want to grow. They want better. Right?  

Your thinking is what needs to change! Mindful Manifesting is about how you retrain your brain is where you begin. Letting go isn’t simply blocking and stuffing old emotions. In NLP, we teach reframing. My favorite exercise was so powerful my colleagues were concerned.  The exercise changed me forever.

It’s a matter of reframing the past to create a better future. 
Get yourself into a deeply relaxing state. In your mind’s eye, you begin to walk along a golden pathway, walking towards the new view.  The pathway is lined with a purple shoulder and you gently release  all that no longer serves you: memories, beliefs, people… everything that you wish to leave behind as you climb the golden street up to your viewtop castle.  As you climb higher, you feel lighter. As you take each step, you see and begin to feel that you are now free to manifest all that you want. Begin to see yourself as you will be when you reach your goals. Begin to embrace the new, lighter you.
Feel the grace as you leave behind those things that no longer serve. If they are people, let them go with love and tenderness. If it is a mindset of lack, thank it for protecting you, and tell it that you no longer need it’s protection. If it’s a tangible thing, thank it for it’s service.  Love these things you are letting go, and thank them, and say goodbye. For it is time to welcome the new you.  And you now thank these things for their service and also thank them for being willing to let go of you. You’ve now made room for your new life; your new way.  So you gently return to the present moment, knowing this is real. 

It’s all in how you think and perceive. 

 My friend and mentor, Amanda Moxley, talks often about getting over your many drama.  Amanda likes to say “Just f’n Do It”  and she’s right. JFDI  is the mantra I used to use to drive myself forward and sometimes drive everybody else crazy.  That is because this is because I pushed and pushed and pushed even harder. I didn’t slow down, I didn’t freeze, I didn’t look at the blocks that needed to be busted apart, smashed to smithereens and obliterated in my mind.  

We used to say if you can if you can see it, and you can believe it, then you can achieve it.   I had trouble believing for years.  sometimes I still do.  The thing is, we all have internal blocks & mental stuff that  needs either releasing or revising before we can ever reach our brilliant and beautiful true self.  And to reach our brilliance, we must find the way to release in order to receive. 

The GOLDEN KEY is daily insurgence  of mindfully choosing what we put in our minds.  We must read about success, about transformation, about allowing ourselves to receive. We must read about real people and how they managed to elevate their beliefs. It is a daily focus on some simple yet powerful things: 

What you fill your mind with becomes what you attract.  Drastic Measures are called for. What you read and what you watch on tv and movies enters your sub conscious. You must watch and read about inspiring things, not death and murder. Turn off the TV and Don’t Read the News.  Focus on prosperity, manifesting, attracting that which you want.  Rewiring your Self-Belief system

Books and Videos – Daily reading of classics and new thought on manifesting

Daily Meditation

Forgiveness – of self and others

God Consciousness infused into everything

Creative Visualization

Healing Your Money Drama 

Heal Your Inner Child and Outsource the Babysitter

Power Foods and Nutrition 

Daily Fitness

Getting Over Your Addictions — this is a big one. You can’t own your success while you practice your downfall. Too many fail because they fail to recover the lost soul. 

Yeah – it sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it?  But one chunk at a time is all you have to focus on.  Just one chunk at a time. 

Compile your own power book list.  

Compile your own daily meditation focus points.

Start every day with a deep connection to the universal truth: You are loved. God is love and you are loved.