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Walking Down the Recovery Road

This is dedicated to all who are faced with letting go of difficult people.

Early in my recovery, I thought this old story was so cute and so real. Today, I see it a bit differently. My recovery perhaps began when I made some bad choices on how to hide from pain. Drugs and drinking were the first answers. There was nowhere else to turn. Eventually, I made healthier choices but was still hiding. I didn’t know it. I just kept avoiding. Skiing lifted me out of the negative ways but was also a way to hide.  Good but bad, right? I was teaching and helping others.  I taught for the SkiForAll organization where I worked with disabled populations teaching and leading others. I was passionate about giving to people who deserved a better chance.  I helped people feel better about themselves and gave them the thrill of accomplishment – for once they learned to ski, the world opened up.  But then I got hurt. Soon afterward, I learned that I never really faced my demons. That’s when this little ditty became a part of my life.

The stages of recovery? Now I see it as a lifetime pathway to wholeness. By the time I heard this story Read More→