The Laughter Doctor: Bernie Siegel, MD


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Laughter truly is the best medicine. Second is Acceptance, followed by Love. THEN one can start the rebirthing process. Sometimes, you have to let go of everything you know.

I was fortunate to sit in on a lecture by the famed laughing doctor, Bernie Siegel, MD. I only wish he still practiced, but he was quite helpful about exploring solutions for the husband. Long before we had a diagnosis, we had an altering hopeful / despair game going on in our heads. As I listened to the man who introduced laughter to medicine and warmed the hearts of many, I remembered. And you will too. 

My notes are kind of oddly placed onto the back of a receipt for pest services. Ironic, isn’t it.  As we meander through this medical mayhem, it becomes more and more clear daily. Perhaps, this is truly as God intended. Or not. But fighting against it is making two normally loving adults just a tad bit crazy. So we decided: Acceptance, Love, and Humor are what we cling to most.  Bernie continues to delight, entertain, and educate in order to help people heal.  

One Gem that hit me square in the face:
“When you are upset, ask  yourself what you need to nourish your life”  BAM That’s it. When upset, why focus on what upset you when you can redirect to what will make you feel better. 

Another:” If all you treat has the same problem, it is your problem! ”  Look inward and explore where this problem manifests in you. People tend to mirror to you who or what you are. 

Most Chronic Diseases have a root cause. Most people don’t understand it. I sure don’t. But I do know that there are simple reframing and redirecting techniques that will carry me beyond the momentary situation.  It’s not a quick fix. It won’t take M.E. and put it out the door. But Working to instill a level of happiness, gratitude, and foward thinking helps me remember that I am not alone, I have those who love me, and no one get to tear me down.  

A simple question: “Without your wound, where would your power be?”  

or another: “What would Lassie Do? ”  

Both lead me away from misery and into a focus on what will nurture me back to health.  And you. 

Sometimes we can’t win. We fall back down over and over. But it’s those times when we must learn to love, to laugh, and to live again.  

I’m a student of mindful healthy living. If you’ve lost your health, would you let me help you get it back?  

It’s not all about diet. It’s definitely not all about exercise. But it is about you and how you view this. 


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