The Weight Creep – from here to obesity

Yep. It could be you. It could  be me.  

Turns out there is a ridiculous change to our overall health epidemic. Just out in the news today is this:  More than TWO THIRDS  — 2/3 — of Americans are Obese, not just overweight. 

How did it come to this?  Is it really that bad?  Look at your corporate campus. Look at Microsoft, or Boeing employees. The ones you see walking into their offices. The ones who work from home.  It’s not about laziness. It’s not about ‘just not liking to exercise’.  

Well, first here’s proof that we are where we are: Science Proves that over 2/3 Americans are Obese

The numbers don’t matter. What matters is that we have become a sedentary, lackadaisical society and it’s become so much the norm it is acceptable. Instead of just a few .. ahem.. fat people, we are faced with an epidemic.  Now, I hate to sound mean. I hate to sound arrogant, mean-spirited, or hostile. And I’m certainly not prejudiced. It’s just that this bothers me to no end. There is no excuse. Only choices.  And though I was the last person to expect others to follow me in the 70’s as I gave up my bad habits, I am the first person to now say that you really don’t have a choice. Stay fat or die.  It’s no longer just a lifestyle choice. It’s almost a death wish.  

I don’t know how many people read this. I don’t know who is going to be offended. But here is what I ask of you.  A simple question, with a hard answer.  Are you ready? 

I’m not going to ask you to try my diet, or my workout program. I’m not even going to tell you what to eat or not eat. The only thing that matters at this point is this: 

“What is the payoff for remaining the same?” “What are you getting out of it?”  And the answers to these questions are what make my coaching so unique. We don’t dive into excuses. We dive into reality. Your reality. We break through your walls, kick down the doors, and love you to being the best you can be.  We train you to transform stinking thinking into love letters to your soul.  Are you ready for that? 

“What is the payoff for staying in the oversized and easily tired body of yours?”  “What are you getting out of it?”  Your answers to these questions are what make my coaching so unique. We don’t dive into excuses. We dive into reality. Your reality. We break through your walls, kick down the doors, and love you to being the best you can be.  We train you to transform stinking thinking into love letters to your soul.  Are you ready for that? 

Here’s the real deal.  If you know that jumping off a cliff is going to kill you, are you going to jump or not? Yes? No? Maybe tomorrow?  Think about it. The more damage you do today, the more likely you are killing your tomorrow. Slowly, but still…Isn’t it time to stop delaying? Do you love yourself enough to look at it differently? 

It’s like that with obesity. Sure you can eat that crap today because tomorrow you will diet. But have you studied foods and nutrition? Do you know what you get from what you eat? Do you know that your body is craving more than junk food?  DO YOU KNOW that if you love your body, your body will love you back? 

I don’t really care how old you are. I don’t care about your reasons either.  I care that you say yes, you are ready!!!   (I would say the same thing to a smoker – or a drinker! ARE YOU READY?)  Because when you are ready, you make it happen. 

You can do it alone. Sort of. But you can do it with a coach and get the backup that holds you up on the days you aren’t quite able to hold yourself up. 

I really do have some compassion. Obesity isn’t a stranger to my life.

When I was young, my Dad was fat. He had a huge belly. He must have weighed about 280 – 300, but he hid it well.  Sort of. And then got sick. He had digestive issues. He had some other stuff going on with GERD, he had a hiatal hernia,  and I don’t know what else. I was young.  All I knew was my Dad and my uncle, his brother, were big and my friends made fun of them. Especially my Uncle.

I was horrified when neighbor kids laughed at my beloved but obese uncle. Here was a hard working and highly respected businessman being heckled at a Little League game.  I was horrified as the little kids catcalled at him for his larger than life Big Daddy waistline.  Yep — the man who was used to being adored and admired by all was humiliated by tyrant little 3rd graders. Everyone heard them. And no one said anything. Not one. 

After that moment, my elders made different choices.  Dad got healthy, got active, and watches his portion sizes. My Uncle — he never changed a thing. 

My uncle died of heart failure in his early 70’s. He’d had heart surgery and he didn’t have the strength to do the rehab that would be the means of his recovery. His heart couldn’t handle it.  This happy man had many complications, but the bottom line was he couldn’t walk around his driveway. It was too hard.  He wasn’t the kind of guy who got any exercise. He had others do for him. He laughed at my Dad who loved working in his yard, jogging around Seattle, or working out in a gym.  But my Dad wasn’t always like that.  Like I said — when I was young, my Dad was fat too. 

Then Dad met his health life coach, Harry Swetnam. Harry was the front runner in personal fitness. He led the city of Seattle on the quest for long-term fitness long before it was a fad.  Harry had a gym, Fitness Inc, and executives, business owners, high and low profile workers of all types met and sweated together.  You would find longshoremen, bus drivers, and administrative staff sweating away alongside some of the cities most prominent and high profile people. It was fun. They felt better. They banished pain, fought off disease, and found new strength and personal confidence.
My Dad had joined a cult-like group at Fitness Inc. Together, they built confidence, character, and personal strengths.  

Dad and his pals lived long healthy lives. Dad worked hard to regain his health. And if he can, anyone can.  My Dad had a program. It was customized for him, but it gave him a new zest for life.  And Dad in turn became the coach too. He utzed everyone into doing something to move. As he approached 200 pounds, he started owning the changes. As he etched towards 190, a new level of self-love and self-pride emerged. Then he approached 184 and people told him he needed to stop. He was getting too skinny.  HAH.  My Dad was the role model of what anyone can do if they put their mind to it.  gym 5 days a week. Monday – Thursday and Saturday, every week for decades.  They made it fun. But it was work. I know. At one point, I was the business manager for the gym they joined after Harry’s closed down.  I saw them.  But the thing was, every night, I heard my Dad’s story of the day’s work out.  It wasn’t about who did what, it was a description of where they ran. Who was out front. How they did.  And really, it was the glow of happiness on Dad’s face as he told his days’ story.  

See — I don’t have much pity for anyone who refuses to try.  If my Dad and his pals could don some of the ugliest gym clothes ever made, and run through the streets of Seattle garnering the attention of anyone whom passed them, then anyone can do a little something.  That’s just it! Everyone can do a little something, and then a little more and a little more. 

That’s the thing — there were no real personal trainers back then. There were friends who joined a gym and learned some basic foundational things. If they were injured, Harry would help them recover. If they had an ailment, often one of the doctors who were also members would share a solution.  (The Cabbage Soup Diet was passed around by a Dr. Paul someone, but everyone went on it with some unique results.  I did that Cabbage Soup diet 2x yearly as what some would now call a detoxing diet. For me, it was a kick start to get back on track. ) 

So, my friends, I am a firm believer in paying it back. My Dad was my role model, along with the other members of Fitness, Inc. Through Harry Swetnam, and Dad, and the rest of those guys, I learned more about human motivation than any text book or $1000 workshop is going to teach me. And that is why, I offer my health coaching at an affordable and reasonable fee.  I didn’t pay a dime for what I learned. The cost of a good pair of shoes, sometimes the monthly fee for a gym, and often, the clothes that kept me motivated to keep going back out there. 

You can do it. I can help. And hopefully, I’ll see you around doing what you love, and making sure you love yourself.  
It’s time. NOW! You can do it. 

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