About The Bistro

Welcome! We are happy you’ve stopped by! 

We hope you’ll find our site fun, informative, and a place you’ll return to often. Good Food, Good Music, Good Spirits — well it’s all virtual so it can be anything. 

Like any cool little coffee shop, this bistro is more than a little place on the web. It’s a place were we can learn, share, and explore the art of healthy living. 

In the Bistro, we are together for a reason – a desire to live the vibrant lives we love. Come on in, kick back, and take it all in. 

It’s a place to teach, learn and  share. 

We invite you to explore, investigate, look around, and enjoy.

We’ll add fun articles, post events, share news, and keep you up to date.

We’ll keep it fresh, insightful, and informative.

 The one thing this Bistro is  not is a place for trolls.   Every bar has it’s bouncer sitting at the door — here, if you are that type, you’ll be bounced out faster than you can figure out what hit ya.