About The Bistro

Hey guys!

Glad to see you pop by my BeWellBistro.  Welcome.  We’ll be talking about current thought on Be Well methods to make your life …vibrant, happy, healthy, joyous.

Like a cool little tea emporium, this bistro is a place to hang, read, learn, and explore ideas about healthy living.  place were we can learn, share, and explore the art of healthy living.

Come on in, kick back, and take it all in.

Together we are going to restore ourselves to that vibrant space of enthusiastic exploration of happiness. It comes with a focus on Body, Mind and Spiritual lessons. It comes with the desire for balanced health and happy choices.

We invite you to explore, investigate, look around, and enjoy.

We’ll add fun articles, post events, share news, and keep you up to date.

We’ll keep it fresh, insightful, and informative.

But like every bar, we’ve got the right to refuse service (comments) and ifyou troll, you shall go.

BeWell Bistro is your information source on all things about being well, living well, dealing with real life issues around aging and how to retire with joy and confidence. Well hit on some controversial thoughts, like retirement income, cannabis as medicine, or even… that it’s ok to indulge in life even when everything seemingly is falling apart. The harder you cling to what isn’t working, the worse your crash. So we are going about this wellness from a spiritual side where letting go is the solution. And then embracing the new with relish.